Nov 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Tips

*Make sure you put a cookie sheet under your Turkey otherwise you might wake up to your house filling with smoke.  (Go by the temperature, not the recommended cooking time.)

*Lifting a 28 pound turkey is harder than you might think.  Your hands wont work.  Neither will a large spatula.  Try two large dinner plates, one under each end.

*Electric knives are excellent for turkey carving.  

*Stick your turkey drippings in the freezer and the fat will be easy to scrape off the top.  (FYI, you can use potato flakes in your gravy to thicken it up.)

*If you're making Peanut Butter Pie, don't cook the custard too fast, (it'll burn) Don't cool the milk in the sink (it'll get a dirty spoon thrown in it and water poured on it) and don't forget the sugar.  (It just doesn't seem right somehow without the sugar.)  (I'm working on my third batch.  Wish me luck on this one.)

Gotta go to bed now.  I have another Turkey to cook in the morning.  And mashed potatoes.  And a couple of Peanut Butter Pies.  



mama bear said...

See, that's why I absolutely refuse to ever cook (or even touch for that matter) a turkey! Brett is frying our again this year, and I'm not complaining. It's done in half the time and I actually don't mind eating a few bites. Happy Thanksgiving!

LaLa said...

I'm on my 2nd hour of Jeff's banana cream pie made from scratch. Ugh! No more recipes from the Lion House cook book for me. They're too complicated. Thank goodness I made the peanut butter pie last night or I'd be in trouble. Still have the rolls to do, shower and off we go. I don't know how any ONE person could do an entire Thanksgiving dinner with no help. You'd be cooking for 3 days. And I have a whole new appreciation for all the awesome pies Mom made every year. Thus far, I can't come even close to duplicating it.