Jul 12, 2012


Once upon a time (in early June) we went on stay-cation.  That means we wanted to go on vacation but were too broke.  So we stayed home and went somewhere close.  Our good friends the W's had just been to Torrey Pines and recommended it so we tried it out.  You have to pay $10 to park at the State Park parking lot but it's was well worth it.  We drove to the upper parking lot up at the top of some cliffs and then hiked down to the beach.  
Even coming back up it was an easy trek.  The temperature was perfect, the boys enjoyed it and didn't whine, and the scenery was beautiful.  (I've never seen flowering cactuses/cactus'/cacti in real-life before!)
This is definitely a place we'll visit again.

I couldn't help thinking "Why didn't I know about this place?  Why didn't any of the boys I dated in High School ever take me here?"
And then I audibly "Hmmpffh"d.
And then I was glad I married Doug.
...for the billionth time.  (no offense old boyfriends.)

Anyway, come visit and we'll take you to Torrey Pines.  Unlike my lame ex-boyfriends/friendi.

It's worth the trip!