Nov 1, 2008

Blog Topics...!

I need some help. If I'm gonna write a post a day, I'm gonna need a few ideas. Actually, like 29. I just asked Doug and he rattled off;
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done, and Top 5 Weird Things About Myself. So I'm good for two days. Just 27 more.

What about you guys? Any questions? Anything you want to know about the Japan Dubs? Or just Japan? Let me know!

Domo arigato gozimas.


Melissa Abby said...

Just cute pictures of your boys and quotes of things Sammy says :)

Bartimaeus said...

"Why I have the Best Husband."

Lucy said...

favorite hundred yen store and the treasures you find there.

(also, love the little yellow tea pot in the bread and mess post)

Linz said...

I want to hear more about your wild college (and/or highschool) days and adventures.

Also - more about your siblings and family.

All the places you have been and all that you want to go.

And, of course, your boys.

And recipes

And if you have any secret stain removers, that would be helpful too.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

What about Japanese fashion? Everyone loves reading about what people are wearing. Or maybe that's just me... If that sounds boring - it could be humorous - about the more bizarre trends.

And I agree with Linz about wild stories from your past. Everyone loves reading those (again - maybe just me?).

Edward J. Dose said...


Movies, foods, reasons to love Japan, reasons to learn Japanese,
Reason you would move back to California, ... ?

mj said...

What it's like living in Japan as an American, expat life in Japan, Japanese culture...

We want to visit Japan someday, maybe stay a while and study volcanoes, so I'm interested!

threeorangewhips said...

How about movie reviews of important films that have a connection to Japan like "Bad News Bears go to Japan", "Mr. Baseball" (or Tom Selleck goes to Japan), "Karate Kid II" (or Ralph Macchio goes to Japan), "Gung Ho" (or Mr. Mom learns about Japan), or "My Geisha" (or Shirley MacLaine goes to Japan).