Nov 3, 2008

Lost in Translation...

A few fabulous shopping finds:

I got me some new stationary at the 100 Yen store.  Jealous???
"Many flowers are in bloom here.
It seems that flowers who do not have the name are singing.
funny flowers."

Oooh, so close...  "Pittsburgu"

I usually don't condone propaganda, but they seem so sincere at this Farmer's Market!!!!
"Parsley-na is raising it from the seed.  
Our being aiming must become more natural 
in the vicinity.  Because the green earth is loved, 
one seed is valued.  "Raise it" it is our eternal theme.  
Please make your wonderful flower bloom!!!"

And it's always nice to get a few extra cooking tips from your dinner-ware...  (We found these at a Recycle Shop and gifted them to our vegetarian neighbors.)
You can make dishes from Vegetables.  If you want to eat full, best cooking is boil.  Well, What's your favorite menu?
(Well, what IS your favorite menu???)

I would have definitely purchased this shirt for one of the boys if it hadn't cost $17.   (Found it at an expensive children's clothing boutique.)  'Cause really...who DOESN'T want to 'watch various cultures as going on trip to several countries' when they grow up???
I know I do.

It's fun here.  Care to join us?


Ginna said...

no way. That stuff is hilarious! I especially love that last shirt. Seriously. I need one for my Max.

mama bear said...

MY favorite menu = anything I don't have to cook!

Mrs. Dub said...

If only it were as funny when I print T-shirts with nonsensical phrases in Kanji.

Anonymous said...

Cool!!! Love the stationary! We just visited China & got a taste of bizarre translations as well. If your interested in Mike's photo diary I can get the link. The Great Wall has a plaque stating, "cerebral heart sufferers watch out for".
LOL! kayla d

Chazi R said...

This is Ginna's sister, not some random stranger :)

This post makes me so homesick for Japan! I hope you guys are really having a ball there. And those Engrish bits are some of the funniest I have ever seen! I especially love the kid's shirt...

Lisa said...

Oh my, I love all of your finds. Are you having a caption contest soon?...

Beeswax said...

Oh, THank you. You have made my day of gladness rising up on the waters of my soulfulness. Funny blogs.

How was that? Stationary worthy?

K said...

And Ginna's mom, who thinks that Beeswax is glowing sweetly in streams of traffic word. Anyone who is spiritful in such appreciation is added to my listing of fine admirations. Enjoy!

Lucy said...

Thank you. I am some random stranger who also misses Japan. I really, really miss the hundred yen stores.

sara said...

It's my favorite thing when we get an instruction manual, etc translated from an Asian languauge... how lucky that you have so much of it at your fingertips! Hilarious.