Nov 8, 2008

Sunday Thoughts and Observations

  • There are several families in our branch who have deployed husbands/fathers and yet their wives, these "single" mom's, still manage to get themselves--and their children--to church every.single.week...ON TIME?!?!?!?  (9 a.m.!!!)  (Props, ladies!  Serious props!)
  • Today was the primary program*.   Three different dads came up to me after and commented on Max's award winning performance.  He was singing loud enough to be heard on the back row and had his brow furrowed in extreme concentration.  It was indeed a sight to behold!
  • Doug and I team-teach the CTR-5 class.  Our class is composed of nine five-year-old girls.  (There is one boy in the class but he doesn't come...yet.)  Today the lesson was about "service".  We talked about ways we give and receive service and then gave some examples of how Jesus gave service while he was on the earth.  I mentioned that back in the day everyone wore sandals and got really dirty feet, but Jesus was so nice he washed the feet of all his friends!  There were some "eeewwww's" from the audience. Then I asked, "Would YOU wash JESUS'S feet if he were here?"  Chorus of "Yeeeeeees!" ...except from Aubrey who said "I'd take Jesus home and give him a bath!"  (awesome.)
Well, that's all for today folks!  We're having the neighbors over for a Crepe Party (sometimes known as 'dinner'.)  I'd better go start spooning Nutella into decorative bowls.  I'll be back tomorrow with the first installment of "How I Met Your Father".  Stay tuned, it'll be juicy!

Happy Sunday!

*All the kids under 12 sing songs they've been practicing and say short lines in Sacrament Meeting**.
**Sacrament Meeting.  Usually the first meeting in the three hour block.  The entire congregation meets together for 70 minutes with the emphasis on  the passing and partaking of the Sacrament.  The rest of the time is filled with opening/closing prayers, opening/closing hymns, sometimes an intermediate hymn, and usually two or three speakers.  The speakers are mostly members of the congregation.  Sometimes they're given by those in leadership positions.  It's very non-threatening.  If you've read this far, you're probably not a Mormon.  So you should try it sometime.  I PROMISE no one will try to baptize you.  (At least not on your FIRST visit.  buahahahahaha!)


Renel said...
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Anonymous said...

Max must have sounded awesome, an angle with a loud voice is very good. I will go to my 3rd program in an hour to hear the boys of the W Clan.
What a great lesson you two gave.
I know the crepes were fab also - love to have some.

C.S. said...

Max may be a choir singer in training!! :)

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