Nov 29, 2007

Important Stuff

Important Item #1:
I'll be sending out Christmas cards soon. If you'd like one, would you please send me your address? My e-mail is:

Important Item #2:
Tonight D said "I expect our boys to be Samurai Warriors by the time we leave Japan".

Important Item #3:
Exactly two weeks ago, my wallet and D's work bag were stolen from our car while it was parked in Boston Common. (The automatic door locker doesn't always work.) Today we got both back because Doug decided--four days after the fact--to file a police report (despite me saying it was hopeless).

The only things missing: Ibuprofen (they left the bottle), a few random gift cards from my wallet and D's I-pod. They left D's key's, (which included home, office, hospital, and two cars) his check book, and all of my credit cards and drivers license. (And temple recommend, library card, discount cards, YMCA card, etc.)

Can I just tell you what a huge relief and blessing it was to get everything back? Yes, I can: HUGE!!!

Important Item #4:
D put up Christmas lights tonight.

Important Item #5:
Don't be greedy. Four is enough.

Nov 26, 2007


Doug's brother Dave,
his (famous in blogging circles) wife, and their adorable little girl left yesterday after a fun filled Thanksgiving weekend.

And I'm sad.

Because now I have to get back to real life which includes far fewer yummy breakfasts and much more domestic drudgery.

And because I found that Laura and I have LOTS in common just by virtue of being married to very similar brothers. (Plus we're both super smart and witty and humble.)
So it's really good to talk to her!

And because little Eden is so beautiful and provided endless hours of entertainment for all of us.
And because my boys had so much fun having them here.And because Dave did the dishes.

Thank goodness Christmas is coming!

Nov 13, 2007


Today I made a tactical error. I sat down to nurse Gabe in the family room without first securing the remote control.

Sam was watching Playhouse Disney's Little Einsteins which I love. So no problem. But about a minute after I sat down it ended and something new started. Something horrible. Big problem. I'm stranded on the Lazy-Boy (nursing a tiny lazy boy) and the remote is out of Sam's reach. I felt my eyes start to bleed, but there was nothing to be done. I had to watch...


Have you ever seen Doodlebops? It's one of the shows my kids aren't allowed to watch because it lacks artistic appeal...and it's obnoxious. Oh, and because if you're prone to seizures, I'm pretty sure the acid-trip-inspired set will trigger one instantly.

What's that you say? You like this show?* No, no you don't. You don't like it. Because although Moe, Deedee, and Rooney all have skin painted different colors, and even though they all dance around with instruments and pretend to play, and even though they sing peppy, obnoxious songs, this show has no redeeming value.

Need a little more convincing? This is the chorus of one of their songs that I had to hear repeated about 58 times to a pseudo hip-hop beat:

You're my heeeeero, and
you're my frieeeeeeeeend,
and I'll look up to you
again and again...

Enough said.

Don't even get me started on "Yo Gabba Gabba".
*Also, don't trust your kid's opinion. Kids eat their own boogers.

Nov 5, 2007

Hooray for BOOKS!

I love to read. I love to read a LOT.

Sometimes to the detriment of my social life. Like when I give a bad review to one of my friends favorite books. Or like when I take my novel to family functions with the in-laws and they mock me ruthlessly. (Hey, Doug takes his book too.)

I think I may have inherited this obsessive love from my father who always has a book with him. He used to read while driving to California for our family vacations. Yes, WHILE DRIVING. He propped Louis L'Amour on the steering wheel. If you ever run into him at Disneyland (which isn't hard to do) you'll find he has his book there too. Just in case he has to stand in line and happens to find his companions boring. (It happens a lot.)

Or, I may have inherited it from my mom who seemingly read herself to sleep every night of her life. I remember her coming out of her bathroom, cozy nightgown on, smelling like Keri Lotion, and climbing into bed to read to me. Or for me to read to her. Or for us to read together.

Or it could have been motivated at first by greed since we got paid a penny a page to read as kids.

Whatever has caused this slight dysfunction, me and reading go together like ink and paper. That's why I'm so happy with the last two packages I've gotten.

Yesterday a package came from Amazon with my name on it. It was pretty much the same thing that happened in February. Knowing I hadn't bought anything, I wondered if this was something Doug had ordered using my Amazon account. Once again, I figured if that was the case, too bad for him. I opened it to find this awesomeness:

The Superior Person's Book of Words by Peter Bowler from our fabulous friends, the Dunn's.
(And did I ever mention I really love big words? I do.) I can't wait to read this.

A week or so previous to this, I opened a package from my sister and found this little bit of love:

A Town Like Alice by Nevil Shute
Jenny promises it will be one of my favorites. I'm only about 2 chapters in, but so far, so good. She also recommends renting the mini-series after I finish it. Fine by me! Only thing better than a good book, is a good book made into a mini-series! Especially if it's produced by A&E like my favorite: "Pride & Prejudice - The 5-hour version." (That's not exactly the official title.)
Some may find all this reading a waste of time. But without it, this blog wouldn't be nearly as egregious*ly executed with such afflatus** and might just succumb to battology***.

So like I said before; HOORAY FOR BOOKS!

*Exceptional. An interesting example of a word that has gradually changed from complimentary to pejorative in its usage, being now most commonly found immediately preceding the word ass.

**A sudden rush of divine or poetic inspiration.

***The continual reiteration of the same words or phrases in speech or writing.

Nov 2, 2007

Book Review

I've finished quite a few books lately and two are worthy of review.

The Gift of Pain by Philip Yancey and Dr. Paul Brand
Have you ever read one of those books where you want to read every other paragraph out loud to whomever happens to be in the room? Where the whole time you're reading it you think, "Oh, I wish this, and this, and this person would read this!?!?" or "Why isn't this required reading for every college student on the planet?" This is one of those books. It's non-fiction but reads as easily as a novel (which is rare). My friend Ginger let me borrow her copy and I'm glad I did. Now Doug is reading it and he likes it too. Two thumbs way up!

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
Takes place in Afghanistan and the Bay area. One area I know little about, one I know lots about. I'll admit, I checked this out a few months ago, started it, got to a pivotal but extremely disturbing scene, and stopped reading.

Then was told by 20(ish) people (Diane) that it's the best book ever and I MUST finish it. So I checked it out again and finished it this time. I have to say, I have mixed emotions! Don't get me wrong, it's an excellent book with excellent writing. But it's also really sad and really depressing at times.

So I'm in an argument with myself about whether or not I like it and I can't decide. Because I don't like sad stories, but some sad stories need to be told and sometimes I need to hear them to be shaken out of my complacency. So I'm withholding judgement. You'll have to read it and tell me what you think. In the mean time, I will recommend The Story of My Life: An Afghan Girl on the Other Side of the Sky by Farah Amedi without reservation.

Happy Reading!