Oct 26, 2006

Baby Update!

I just got a call from my brother-in-law who had some very exciting news. He's a New Father! (Which, by default, makes his fabulous wife a New Mother.)

Eden Claire Kristin Dub was born this afternoon, and though I have no proof, I'd wager she's beautiful. She was born at 1:58 this afternoon and is 7lbs 8ozs. Mother, Baby and Father are all doing fine. (I asked if he could still look his wife in the face after witnessing childbirth and he says "yes" so he gets two thumbs up!)

In other baby news, today I am 12 weeks along. I'm hoping this means that as of tomorrow I will no longer be heaving over the kitchen garbage can. (It kinda stinks when you get your head right down in there...which kinda makes the problem worse.) ANYWAY, according to this site, here's what's going on:

You may actually start feeling better from your extreme tiredness and nausea this week. Others will hang on to it for awhile longer. (That is SO not going to be me!) Your abdomen may start expanding, especially if this is not your first pregnancy.
(Um, yeah...)
S/he weighs about 14 grams and is approximately 3.54 inches in total length.
Your baby has its reflexes and also practice movements in the digestive tract. All of this in preparation for extrauterine life.
If your practitioner uses a doppler, you may be able to hear your baby's heart beat at this office visit. It will sound very fast. Some say that they hear clicking or the sounds of horse hooves. Either way it is a joyous sound to hear! Your risk of miscarriage is greatly reduced once you hear this sound.

Consider joining a support group...
(I think that pretty much just sums things up.)

Oct 22, 2006

Blogging Slump

Ever since Fae left (a week ago) I've lost my desire to blog. I mean, it was just so sad when she left. No more sleeping in, no more forcing her to watch Arrested Development, no more excuses to leave the state... JUST SAD!!!

But it's not like nothing has happened lately so I finally feel guilty enough to catch you, my loyal reader(s), up. (Sorry to dangle a preposition there, but sometimes it can't be helped of.)

First of all, to rub salt in the wound of my mom leaving, Dr.KidDentist started a new rotation. Now he get's to leave earlier and come home after the kids are in bed. (Usually around 9:30 p.m.) Yay! Can't you just feel my overwhelming happiness seeping through the monitor? Oh no...wait...that's depression. Never mind.

So yeah, there's the single mother thing...that pretty much covers the whole week until Friday evening. The one night Husband/Father got home at a normal time. We went out to dinner and then painted pumpkins while drinking hot chocolate at Max's request.

Which brings us to Saturday. We went to a birthday party. (A very spooky Halloween party with a Haunted House, ghost pinata, yummy treats and costumes! Everything a 2-6 year old could ask for. And did ask for.)

Which brings us to last night. Last night, we replaced our front door. Scratch the "we". Dob the Builder replaced our front door. This isn't the first time either. He replaced the front door of our first little house in Provo. This experience was only slightly less traumatic and labor intensive than the first time. It took many hours and allowed many mosquitos and moths to enter the house.

Amazingly, he was able to complete the Herculean task (pretty much single-handedly) and the new door looks freaking awesome. It will look even better when I paint it red and we repair all the holes now in the walls and replace the ripped off moulding.

But one thing at a time.

So that brings us up to today. Church is behind us, the kids are sleeping (if you consider Sam humming and pulling all the books of his shelf "sleeping"...which I do...) and we get to sit in our nice soft bed, under a huge pile of blankets, with the heater cranked, just staring out the window and sleeping.

Not at the same time, mind you. D's sleeping, I'm staring.

And frankly, I need to devote my full attention to it.

Until next time...

Oct 20, 2006

I Heart Veronica

Favorite quote from Tuesday's episode of Veronica Mars

"Now, maybe people would say they'd never install a tracking device in their significant others car. But I think that's just because they don't know how."

Oct 13, 2006

My Husband

In an effort to expidite getting me out of bed this morning, my extremely intelligent, sensitive (but manly) husband came up with a brilliant idea this morning.

He nuked my sweats.

Yes, that's right.

I was complaining that it was too *bloody cold to get out of bed so being the problem solver that
he is, Dug grabbed a pair of my sweats and stuck them in the microwave. He then delivered them to my bed allowing me to get up with out going into hypothermic shock.

I should also mention that
he brings me cereal in bed almost every morning because I feel too pukey if I get up before eating. (I tried soda crackers but there is just something undesireable about putting nasty dry crackers into already nasty morning mouth.)

So, in other words, my
husband rocks!!! (Try to contain your jealousy.)

In other news, I went to my first OB appointment on Tuesday and got to hear BabyDub3's heart beat for the first time!!! Since I am still pretty early (then: 9 weeks, 5 days) it took her, the Doctor, quite awhile to find but she kept trying and I got to hear it along with Dug and my mom!!! It's always nice to know all the freakish symptoms and side affects aren't just imaginary.
My due date is May 10th!!! Hooray for BABY!!!

P.S. A small amount of thread in my sweats melted so be careful how long you microwave your clothes.

*Yes. I say "bloody". Since all the american swear words are off limits to me and Dug wont let me swear in German, I'm forced cuss like a Brit. Which really isn't cussing in my opinion. Because I'm not a Brit. Right? Right! Glad we all agree.

Oct 12, 2006

More Fun with Fae

As Monday was Columbus Day and a holiday, my hardworking husband had the day off. We decided to stay a little closer to home and venture only one state away: to Edaville, Massachusetts to be precise. This was the location of a spectacular Edaville Cranberry Festival featuring a fabulous train ride, a visit from Curious George, and other small carnival rides as well as, of course, Cranberry Harvesting in the nearby bog. It was really fun and we even ran into some friends from church and their cute little Boo. (See her by clicking her name.)

Sammy was absolutely thrilled with the train ride, being the "Thomas" fanatic that he is.

The highlight for Max was the visit from Curious George. He stole about 15 hugs.
D and I liked watching the harvest. To do it they flood the Cranberry Field, send a machine through to knock the berries off their bushes, then suck them off the top of the water when they float up. Genius! (Who thinks of these things?!?)

Tuesday and Wednesday Dr. KidDentist was back to work so Fae and I hung out and did some shopping. She also took care of the kids a lot so I could take naps which was most appreciated.

Today we all went Apple Picking at a local orchard. It turns out, there are fun things to do without leaving the state!

Oct 8, 2006

Visit to Jaffrey, New Hampshire, and the Scarecrows

Yesterday (Saturday) we again left the state in search of action and adventure. What did we find? "Scarecrows on the Common" in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, and lots of beautiful fall colors and sights along the way.

Here is a photo tour of our adventure:A quick stop at Sunset View Farm in Massachusetts

We purchased a giant pumpkin, a few gourds, used the bathroom in the 200 year-old farmhouse, and were back on our way...

It took us about 3 hours total to reach our destination but that included a few detours and potty breaks...

Upon arriving at the Scarecrow Festival, I immediately spotted a native San Franciscan (note the sweatshirt) and proceeded to better make his acquaintance.

After Maxwell had a turn slobbering on numerous apples... (failing to actually get his teeth into one)

...the Mister saved the day and secured his prize. Next, it was off to make a scarecrow!!! For a small fee of course...

By-the-way, if you've ever wondered to yourself, "Does Fae like to play in the hay by the bay?" The answer is, well..."nay". She'd rather shop at the antique store across the street. And so would her youngest daughter.

Max and Dad exhibited their divergent thinking by making their scarecrow not only Christmas themed, but pregnant, and two-headed as well. Let's hear it for the boy(s)!!! ...and the she-male scarecrow!!!

After a long day, we loaded the newest member of the Dub clan (Bert) into the van and headed for home! Hooray for Scarecrow Day!!! (In the hay. Not really by a bay, but with Fae!)

Oct 7, 2006

Visit from "The Fae"

The coolest mom on the planet has come for a visit! You can call her The Fae, Fae, Faezer, Faez-a-rama, Grandma or Mommy. Yesterday was the first official day of her visit. (She got in really late Thursday night.) I think I can safely say we all had a pretty great morning.

7 a.m. sharp the boys were in my room anxious to see "Gwama Fae". I held them off as long as I could, (20 minutes) and then sent them downstairs. At this point I put a pillow over my head and went back to sleep for two hours. AWESOME!!!

After Max saw his presents and bonded with grandma for a few minutes, he decided to bring all present members of the family breakfast in bed. (Grandma's bed) He went back upstairs and got three plates FULL of Rice Krispy treats for the three of them and they all enjoyed the breakfast of champions.

Faezer, we all hope you never leave!!!

Oct 5, 2006

More Birthday Fun...

29 candles exactly!
(And a pre-moistened finger caught in the act!)
Celebrants awaiting cake for their Dora plates.
A little pinata action!

The birthday card Max made for his Daddy. He placed the stickers himself, told me what to write and where, and added his signature. I think it's a work of art!!!

Oct 3, 2006

Birthday Boy!

My handsome husband turned 29 yesterday!!!
(More details to follow!!)

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Hooray for Dug's Dora Birthday!!!!!

Yesterday Dr. Dub had his 29th birthday!!! I started preparing early by forcing myself to take a shower and wash my hair. (It's amazing how pregnancy can suppress the urge to maintain personal hygiene!) Next, I ripped the boys from their favorite PBS Kids morning line-up and we headed to Target. I told Max that his Daddy wanted a game they could play together. He picked "Operation" out of a line-up after long deliberation. Next, Sammers picked "Dora Memory" out of a selection of different "Memory" games.

At this point, Max started to believe I'd lost all buying inhibition and a strange light came into his eyes. Off we went to the candy isle to look for Pinata Stuffers. Yes, Dug got a pinata. A DORA pinata, if you must know...
We picked it up at a yard sale a few days ago for .50. Max really wanted to save it for his own birthday, but finally agreed to sacrifice it for his Daddy. (I really just didn't want to plan a Dora party for my 5 year old son. I know, I know...I'm so sexist....)

Anyway, Max started piling things into the cart...bags and bags of candy which I just as quickly had to shovel out. When we got to the party isle it was even worse. I did cave a few times and let him pick some Dora plates and a birthday hat that says "Birthday Prince". Oh yeah, and some really big candles.

By the time I finally made it out of the store, I'd spent a bit more than intended, but Max was euphoric! He couldn't wait for Daddy to come home to see all the surprises.

Unfortunately, the birthday boy didn't get home until almost 7 p.m. and by then I had completely wilted for lack of nourishment. Fortunately, I just managed to finish the requested "Creamy 4-Cheese Pasta" which we ate the minute he walked through the door (to prevent me from perishing.) No side dishes, fancy drinks, or even a table cloth. It was all I could do to get the main dish on the table. (Actually, I think Doug had to carry it to the table.) Fortunately, the delectable dinner revived us all enough to enjoy phase 2 of party night.

Soon, the S., D., Bella, & Allysa M.'s arrived for carrot cake and ice cream. (Cookie Dough ice cream doesn't really go with carrot cake, btw.) Next D opened his presents, got to answer some "What's Your Favorite..." questions, and then it was Pinata time. Now, this isn't the kind you hit. It has strings that everyone pulls until the bottom pops open and dumps the candy. Unfortunately, Sam pulled most of the streamers off so D and the kids had to share the remaining two. When it did open, both dentists in the room were slightly appalled at the amount of candy, but like Dr. M's wife said "A pinata without candy is a waste of a pinata." I heartily agree.

Overall it was a fun, if somewhat rushed, party. (The kids were all up past bedtime.)
I think Dug enjoyed it, but I'm not entirely certain since I was fast asleep by 9 p.m. He's got the whole rest of the month to party though, so that should help.