Nov 18, 2008

Giveaway Tomorrow!

I'm tired!  Doug's been gone for a week, and I'm just plain tired.  I've probably never mentioned this before, but my boys are a handful.  Two handful's, actually.  And I'm just pooped.
Which is why all I can muster for today's blog post is this announcement:

Tomorrow, on Gratuitous Reviews, I'll be hosting an awesome give-away.   I can't even spare the energy to turn on caps lock, so you'll just have to believe me:  It's awesome.

See you there tomorrow!!!

1 comment:

Mandi Baby said...

hahaha yes!! although are you sure it wasn't the SOUTH mission? unless that was before they split it into the east and the south. anyway yes. give me his last name again? I will tell you a few stories about him if he is the right one I am thinking of but even if he isn't I know he came over to our house a few times for din din. wow.... you totally almost married that guy. Can I tell you I ALSO called off an engagement while on the phone a little distance away? I am hoping to follow in your footsteps and maybe that means I am destined to cute kids, a happy marriage, and blogging success....what else could a gal want?