Nov 14, 2008

How I Met Your Father -- Part II

Read Part I here!

I was about to give up and drive the 4 of us back to Old Mill when Anna walked in to The Rock Garden and saved the day.  She quickly got behind the counter, told the other employees we were "okay", and grabbed us all climbing shoes and gear.  

Now, Doug teases me all the time that I was on a date with another boy when we met.  I maintain that it was strictly a "hang-out" and that Bryant was just there for the free climbing.  This is evidenced by the fact that he disappeared from my side as soon as we had our climbing shoes on.  (I don't deny I had a crush on Bryant, but I am pretty positive the feeling was not mutual.)  (Now that I mention it, I think I'm going to try to find Bryant using Facebook. Maybe then he can settle this once and for all!) 

The point is, Bryant disappeared into the depths of the gym as did the girls from church, and Anna and I did our own thing.   

For me, that meant attempting a "bouldering problem".  For Anna, it meant staring at a long-haired, tattoo-covered, bare chested Tarzan on the wall opposite me.  After awhile, I got tired and sat down to watch also, with a small crowd, as Tarzan attempted the last few moves of a particularly difficult climb.  At some point, someone sat down next to me and somehow we started talking.

It was just the casual chatter of two people taking a break before going back to what they were doing a moment ago.  But we chatted long enough for me to draw two conclusions.  1) This guy was hitting on me, and 2) I didn't mind this guy hitting on me.  I do remember feeling vaguely worried that Bryant might walk up and scare the new guy off, but he didn't.  Like I said, he was busy doing his own thing. 

After a few minutes, we went our separate ways and I wandered over to Anna.  She was still watching Tarzan and made some comment about his climbing magnificence.  I pointed across the room--toward a total stranger as far as she knew--and said "I want to go on a date with that guy!"

Part III tomorrow!

Just kidding, I'll keep going.

So anyway, Anna hadn't seen me talking to this person so she was a little baffled that I was pointing to someone random in the crowd. 

Awhile later it was time to go.  I'd kept my eye on "the guy" and noticed he was also leaving.  After my bold declaration to Anna, I determined I really did want to go on a date with him.  He was good looking, seemed nice, and was a rock climber.  But I could make the first move.  Dad said girls don't call boys.  And I didn't.  Nor did I approach them and ask for phone numbers.  

It was all in his hands.  But I was running out of time and was giving up hope.  He didn't know my name and definitely didn't have my number.    He had his shoes on and all that was left was for him to drop off the climbing shoes and leave. 

He set them on the counter.

He turned towards the door.

Then miracle of miracles...he turned around and caught my eye.  

He walked over to me on the bench where I was changing shoes.

(Bryant was nearby but not conspicuously close.)  

We started chatting again and I quickly learned the following facts:
1) His name was (and amazingly still is) Doug
2) He was going to BYU  (Score!  This meant he was likely a good student.  You need good grades to get into "The Y".)
3) He was majoring in Zoology and planning to go to Dental School  (EXCELLENT!  He actually had a real major and a PLAN!)
4)  He'd done a Semester Abroad in Jerusalem  (Bonus!  He obviously valued culture and travel.)
5)  He'd been on a 2-year mission to Germany  (Righteous!  'Cause, you know...he's righteous.)
6)  He was four months older than me  (Seemed important to him, but whatever.)

I have no idea what I said to him or what info he gleaned from me other than my name and probably school, but I guess it was enough.  Just before walking away he said, almost as an after thought;
"Hey, I'm going climbing with some friends this weekend, do you want to come?"

Okay, I really will do Part III tomorrow.  Don't want to use all of my best material when I still have 15 more posts to write this month...

Hasta Manana!


Linz said...

Love it! I think I will love part III. That's where Michael comes in. Oh... it's not about him?!? Oh well. I look forward to it anyway! YOu're doing great on the everyday posting!!

FOX said...

I am loving the story Em. Tell Doug that I want HIS version written on his blog!!!!!

FOX said...

Hey and don't leave me out of this story!!! If it weren't for my neighbor kid, when you visited us, asking you if you were going to get married, you most certainly wouldn't have had a love connection!

Or maybe it was seeing me as a glowing pregnant woman, that made him want to speedily get married so he could knock you up!!!!

Michelle Glauser said...

I'm enjoying the unfolding of this story.

Bartimaeus said...

The other day Em was telling this story to our friends...this is how it went...Anna was looking at this awesome climber climbing with no shirt and was totally ripped and had long hair...I pointed to this other guy and anna couldn't believe I was serious. Talk about settling for second best.

I'm glad she made me sound a little better in this story

Bartimaeus said...

Her story is far. I can't wait to hear what bryant has to say.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

My husband would KILL me if I facebooked Bryant. But I don't blame you for being curious - even in jest. I always like to the know score - even if it's old news. This is quite the soap opera - looking forward to the next installment.

Bartimaeus said...

kate? you dated bryant too!?

acte gratuit said...

Just ignore him Kate. I know what you mean!