Nov 1, 2008


Me: Doug, look! (Pointing at something of extreme importance.)

Me: Doug LOOK! (Pointing more pointedly.)

D: What? (Without looking up.)

Me: I said 'look!’

D: Just tell me!

Me: When I say 'look', you have to look or you'll miss it.

D: Or you could just tell me...

Me: If I wanted to tell you, I would have told you!

Me: Usually saying “look” means there’s something I want you to see!

D: You’re taking 8 years of baggage and applying it to this situation.

Me: (trying not to laugh while also throwing something at his head.)
(Okay, I didn't throw anything this time, but I would have been totally justified.)

(Sadly, he's right.  It's true!)


Ginna said...

Emily! I SO have this same problem! I hate saying look and having nobody look at all. It makes me feel like a dork.
Thanks for making me laugh!

Ginna :)

FOX said...

I hate when husbands DON'T OBEY!!!

Emily can't you keep him in line?

Mandi Baby said...

hahaha. i repsonded back on my own comments AND made a correction on my blog AND i am leaving you a blog here. maybe you should send more snickerdoodles... oh no... don't do that i am trying to cut out sugar.

ok... i was trying to think of blog topics and one I want to hear is the story of how you met your husband. that would be a super cute post. you could also make it a series ya know? that could take up a good five days. I will come back with more options later.

Beeswax said...

Maybe you can tell us what kind of Japanese food tastes good with nutella on it.

jefferies said...

Hiya Emily! It's Kate here (high school friends of Ang, Steph, Brenda, Lesley, etc. but somehow never really became friends with you...too bad). Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I found your blog and I'm enjoying it. We really should be friends, shouldn't we?