Mar 22, 2011

Yesterday (& Post Edit)

Yesterday we heard that the Commander was going to make an announcement at 10:05.  The thought was that the "voluntary departure" might be changed to a "mandatory evac" because the warm zone has increased to 200 miles and iodine is being distributed.  (Not to take, just to have on-hand.)  I stood in the midst of my messy kitchen, sink full of dishes, table covered in un-folded clothes, and my hands shook.  I was not ready!  I started frantically trying to load the dishwasher but I could hardly concentrate on what I was doing.  I was wondering if I should run upstairs and pack a suitcase.

Janeen came over.  We had previously scheduled a "cleaning date" so she could help me get my house in order.  She told me to CALM DOWN (again) and we started subduing the wild beast of a kitchen.

10:05 came and Col. Rothstein said nothing (for us) has changed.  We are still outside the warm zone  (237 miles away) and we have Iodine on base already, though we do NOT need to be taking it.

[He did, however mention that we are still (as a base) using way too much energy and about to start rolling blackouts.  He reminded us to unplug all appliances, keep the heat at 18c, and turn all the lights off.  So we sat shivering in the dark all day.]

And life carried on.

We cleaned the kitchen.  Tami came by to use the Internet and helped us fold clothes.  Then Janeen helped me clean out and organize the toy closet (under the stairs) and the family room.  And I'm that much more prepared if we do have to leave.

I keep thinking of Mosiah 4:27.  "And see that all these things are done in wisdom and order..."
I don't want to rush out of here in a panic leaving things undone.  I want to put my house in order, say goodbye to my friends, and leave Japan on a high note.  (Hopefully in July--when we're supposed to leave!)

As I was pondering our decision the other day, wondering if we were doing the right thing to stay here, I got out my Book of Mormon study guide, opened it at random and read the following:  "It is clear from the record that Lehi's departure from Jerusalem was not a journey prompted by panic, but one that was well planned and prepared for."  Study guide Chapter 3 Page 9  (This is in reference to the following:  1Nephi 8:1 "And it came to pass that we had gathered together all manner of seeds of every kind, both of grain of every kind, and also of the seeds of fruit of every kind.")

This was an answer to prayer and told me two things.  1)  I don't need to leave in a panic.  2)  I need to prepare in case we do need to leave suddenly.
(Which is why I enlisted my organized neighbor to help me put my house in order.)

So today, even as the earth continues to shake and quake, we'll just "Keep Calm and Carry On" over here.  (Wishing I had a big print of that saying for my wall.)

Wish me luck!!!
(And a magically clean house!)

In other, more normal, news: Baby Gray has taken his first steps.  He's getting better balance every day and standing up every chance he gets.  He also has two new teeth, he's still pretty bald, and he's cuter than ever.

Post Edit:  Just want to clarify:  I don't at ALL judge or begrudge ANY of those who are leaving.  After what we've been going through around here, anyone who wants to leave is totally, completely, thoroughly justified.  If we weren't so close to leaving permanently, we might have made a different decision.


Sam and Bria said...

Hey Emily, It's Bria Petersen from dental school. I just got your link off Katie's blog. I can't believe you guys are in Japan. I'm glad you are ok. We were in Houston for Sam's residency when Hurricane Katrina and Rita hit. I remember how crazy it was having everyone evacuate and all the stores run out of everything. Glad to know you are all safe.

Sarah Walton said...

Emily! I just read all your posts since the earthquake, and can't believe what you guys must be going through. I cried through some posts, and were inspired by others. You are amazing, and I'm sure an inspiration to all those around you over there. Good luck with everything . . . . our prayers are with you guys and all those in Japan. This is one of those things that you hope you never have to go through, but I'm sure is such a humbling experience. I love how you told us the items you wish you had in your 72 hours kits or things you wish you had more of. Just a reminder for us all to make sure we are prepared for anything. Well, I'm so glad you guys are safe. Stay safe!!! Your boys are adorable, by the way. I can't believe how big Max is!

Kristen said...

I love answers to prayer. Keep the faith. You will be guided to o what is best for family! Thanks for your example Emily!!! You are amazing!

brookeisacrazylady said...

love your blog. added it to my blog roll, hope that is okay. so amazing, hang in there. reading this makes me think i could actually do it too if i had to. you are way tough!

Anonymous said...

Great job Emmy! So glad you are getting organized and prepared for what ever you are prompted to do. Interestingly I was just listening to a BYU broadcast talk about "Ordered in All Things, and Sure". Much in my home and life needs order too. Could Janeen come help me too? So glad you found comfort and direction in the scriptures. You "rock"!!

P.S. Yea for Gray-Gray!! Wish I could have seen those steps!

LaLa said...

I wish your organized sister were closer. We'd have an organizing extravaganza! Mostly I'd sit on the couch and tell you what to do while I held and kissed Gray-Gray.

Thank goodness Janeen is there to help!(I made her healthy cookies last night and then proceeded to eat 10 because, well, they're healthy right?!?)

I know this isn't the same, but when we were evacuated for the fires here, we left in an hour or two. I realized I wasn't terribly productive at packing up under that kind of stress. I wished I'd had lists typed up of what would be important to grab if you had to suddenly get out because you don't always think clearly under stress.

You are doing THE BEST thing possible by preparing to leave regardless of whether or not you actually have to. If you end up HAVING to, you'll be so grateful you prepared to. If you don't have to leave, you'll just be fabulously organized for your move in July!

I'm glad you're being smart and prayerful. Hang in there! xo

S. Tallman said...

I am having so much fun reading your blog, Emily! It brings back so many memories of when I was a young bride living on Misawa AFB in the early 1970s and having my babies. I served as 2nd counselor in the relief society presidency and also served as primary president while a member of the servicemen's branch. I LOVE your videos -- especially the one of you & Doug driving to Aomori. Seeing that beautiful countryside again... what an incredible feeling it gave me. Thank you so very much! My prayers are with you and all of the relief society sisters of Misawa Servicemen's Branch right now. Sharon Tallman, Tupelo, Mississippi

acte gratuit said...

Thanks for the reminder La. I was thinking of making an "emergency packing list" the other day but didn't do it. Think I will right now!

Anonymous said...

I have spent 30 minutes reading your blog going back to "the incident" to this current one. I am amazed by your strength, kindness and service! You are your friends are doing exactly what the Savior would do: ministering to the sick and needy by serving up lunches, donating supplies, looking up other women's children and lifting each others spirits.
We are praying for you all and donating money to help out. Thank you for your strength and example!

dalebud said...

Emily..I am so touched by your post and you are are in our prayers daily. I can't imagine the stress life is from day to day but I think you are making the right decison and your are being guided by the spirit. I was impressed with Lala's comment... preparing will give you a sense of calm even if you don't leave early.

Courtney said...

You are amazing! Thank you for your inspiration and for living the True Gospel of Jesus Christ. I think of you daily (and I don't even know you) and pray for you and others to have the strength to Carry on.