Mar 21, 2011

Feeding the French (Rescue Workers)

Anna had some extra spaghetti she wanted to get rid of.  
Overnight, it turned into this:
All home-made, donated food.
Anna, Liz, Tami, Me, Roxanna
Wes welcomes the first wave.
A few more men trickle in...
Then more...
Then lots more.
Anna is awesome.  Her good deed made LOTS of hungry men happy.
There were three or four women in the group too.
The men were extremely gracious...
And incredibly flirtatious. 
The Commander translated our thanks through Tami.
Tami and Wes just happen to be fluent in French.  (Though Tami wont admit it.)  Although Wes is a pilot, he's been helping coordinate relief efforts.  And working really long hours to do it.  (Poor Tami and kids!) 

These men visiting are mostly firefighters back home in southern France.  But they're here to do some serious, sometimes sad, work.  They went to Sendai and tried to help but were sent away.  (A lot of relief efforts are hampered or thwarted by red-tape.)  So they're helping with the clean-up locally in Misawa and Hachinohe.  

Although the reason for their visit to Japan is a tragic one, they are happy to be here helping.  

And they cheered us right up too by flirting with a bunch of tired, (some un-showered to conserve water) food-splattered moms.  (We have 18 kids between us!!)  ;)  Ahh, the fun-loving French! 

Thank you France!  We appreciate you!!!


LaLa said...


Linz said...

YOu guys are incredible! said...

I really hope everyone in America gets word on this blog just so they can see what you guys are doing and to see how the world is banding together in this community. Amazing. Liz is amazing too....39 wks pregnant....has she had that boy yet! You guys have all taught me so much!

Beeswax said...

Good for you! (And all those Frenchies). I'm going to go make some no bake cookies. We call them caca cookies.

Anonymous said...

So glad to see you guys organizing and serving those serving others. You are awesome! Way to help improve French relations with the US while you're at it!

AnnaYoung said...

Whose that unkempt girl in the glasses? OH wait. . . . . : )

Could you send me those video clips of me jabbering away over skype maybe?

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Claudia said...

SO impressed with all of you and we are praying for all of your safety.

sara said...

Just amazing!

Courtney said...

I am so glad that I found your blog. I am blown away by the fact that you are probably my age and you seem so much wiser and more capable than me. I keep wondering if I could be so brave and courageous and faithful if I were in your shoes. I know you've expressed that you don't feel like you are your best self right now, but you seem pretty amazing to me. Keep up the good work. Your stories of the efforts that you and other women are making touch my heart. What you may feel is little and not as much as you wish you could do, is huge and you really are being an instrument in the Lord's hands.
Two things I'm really grateful for is your willingness to share how you feel in your situation and what you wish you had in your emergency supply. I now have a growing list of things to add to my supplies.
I hope the best for you and your family as you make decisions and work to keep things as normal as possible for your kids.
On a lighter note, I read a few posts of yours from before the quake, and I have to say that when you took your boys to the police station I was laughing so hard. What a great idea! I will remember that one for the future!

Walker said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. You may not realize it, but you are doing so much by writing about what is going on there so that the rest of us back home just get a glimpse of what is going on and I appreciate it! You are all awesome people and I am sure that those that you serve are so grateful and blessed. Thank you!

M said...

Am I the only one who's thinking how pleasant it would be to be rescued by one of those guys?!

Unknown said...

Em, list the names of gals who contributed. It was a boat load! So fun too flirt/I mean hang out with those Frenchmen. Heeheehee!!

DROUIN Romain said...

1 CL DROUIN Romain
French search and rescue team