Mar 20, 2011

Sunday Service

We met for church today at 1700 and only had one "block".  (Just sacrament meeting=70 minutes)
It was held late because almost all of the service men and women had to work today (and yesterday.)  Doug included.

The lights were on, but the heat still isn't working so once again, many of the women wore pants and bundled up.  Blankets were encouraged.  One of only maybe three times I've attended church in jeans.

I found it interesting that last week we sang "I Need Thee Every Hour" but this week we sang "Sweet is the Work" and "Let Us All Press On".  Last week we were all in survival mode.  Today we looked forward at what to do next.

B.Pres. B. said that the L.D.S. church has 15,000 blankets and hundreds of cook stoves on the way here from China.  And that the church will be working with McDonalds, using their trucks, to get them where they need to go.  That was neat to hear.  And hopefully it makes you feel better if you donated money but wished you could have given something tangible.  You've given 15,000 blankets!  Amazing!

We also found out that more lunches are needed for more relief workers.  This time, they're for a group from France. So I made yet another batch of "No-Bakes" today and scrounged in the cupboard for additional snacks to donate.  Tomorrow Tami is going to come over and we'll make a bunch of pumpkin and banana bread.  Good thing I've been stocking up on Ghirardelli chocolate chips lately!  (Can you say "Stress Eating"?)

Also tomorrow: the boys go back to school!  YAY!!!!!!!  Aside from the cooking, I hope to get a little cleaning and organizing done.  My mind set has definitely shifted over the last nine days.  My attachment to my family is much stronger and my need for "things" is much weaker.  I can't wait to purge my house of junk and lighten my load.  That said, I'll need my strength.  I'm going to bed.

Here's to looking forward!

:)  So glad you're home Melanie!!!  :)  :)  :)


Susan Rozier said...

Let's hear it for Roxanne's teenage daughter (Janelle?) who does all the babysitting! I'm so impressed with her and other like her who step in so the moms can make lunches.

I cried at your plight and for all the Japanese people who've lost loved ones and are displaced. Now I'm crying about all the relief efforts (your part included.)

Generous, monthly contributions are going from this household to "Other--Japan" on our Tithing Slips. Love you Em. Thanks for sharing. I love your style. Aunt Sue

Unknown said...

Oh I can't tell you how tormented I have been by the news coverage. I am so grateful for you Emily! I am grateful to see and read your experience. I think your hands might not be busy in the way you want (ie- clean up effort) but your posts are doing such an enormous service to me. I have cried tears knowing that you have such a good willing heart- I feel your desire to help and that inspires me! I got right on LDS charities and wanted to add countless zeros behind our donation- obviously, I can't but many prayers have been offered up from my little heart. By name you have been prayed for-
ps- I hope you don't mind, I am linking/ posting you on my blog.

lacey said...

oops- that Ryan was me.

Linz said...

Way to go, Em! You guys are awesome!

Susan Rozier said...

Em, Guess what? In RS today a sister shared about her friend in Japan--72 hr. kits, etc. I shared something about the songs my niece in Japan sang in Church, etc. Afterwards I went to the sister to ask who her friend was in case she might know my niece. She said, "Emily Dub!" It was YOU!!! I said, "That's my niece!" Her name is Jennifer J*ns*n! We both are echoing Lacey's comment on how grateful we are to have news from you and not just the media. Small world, huh. Love, Aunt Sue

bethany said...

Hi, my name is Bethany and I've been reading your blog and totally inspired what you have experiened and experiencing. I served in Hiroshima about 5 years ago and this has affected me so drastically I'm a little shocked. Thank you for sharing your stories. I keep thinking about the people in Japan but what I love the most are your stories of helping everyone and even if we don't have the money to donate to people in Japan but taking the time daily to find people around us who need us. Thank you again.

Bethany Coffin
Pocatello, ID

Jennifer said...

Hey Em, that was cool finding out your aunt is in our new ward here! Your blog is so inspiring. (especially now!) Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

Aaron and Jen

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily (my new bf!)
We have Kelsey home!!!! She is tired but looks wonderful! Thank you so much for what you and the others did for her and all the teachers that stayed at your base.
Hang in there and God Bless You and your family and all Japan!
Love. Deb Heinrich

AnnaYoung said...

where are you getting ghiradelli chocoalte chips?! I need them for fudge! And yes, I can say "stress eating". I say it "fudge". : )