Mar 17, 2011

American Refugees from Sendai

I finally have the bandwidth to publish this!
Sorry the video quality is so poor. I was recording on my little Cyber-shot. But it's something!

To the family and friends of Kelsey and Melanie,
I hope they're back with you soon! Thanks for all the great comments!!!


Scott Collier in Dallas said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this blog and especially to post the video clip of Melanie and Kelsey. It was wonderful to see Melanie as we've been thinking and praying for her and the entire situation. God bless you as you care for these dear people.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily! Loved the video!!! You are wonderful and have a way of making me cry (tears of joy)! Praying for you and your family. Someday I want to meet you!
Beth Fullerton (Melanie's mom)

Anonymous said...

Emily, Thank you for getting the video up even with slow connections. It was a blessing to she Kelsey and Melanie's face. Thank you for including the song at the end... (I could hear you Kelsey!!!!) Such a sweet thing.
Thank you!
Andie Fuller

Anonymous said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you. As so many have said you are Jesus feet and arms.

Loved the video of the singing.

Part of Melanies RE Family

Linda Matthews

Anonymous said...

Emily, the video was wonderful!!!! Thanks for doing that! I really appreciate what you did for us mommas back here in the states. It is great to see the girls! Did I mention that you are my new BF??!! Like Andie, I could hear my daughter singing, it is such a blessing!
Many prayers for you and your family and all of Japan!
Deb Heinrich

Anonymous said...

Thank you Emily! Having this video was one way to bring Kelsey home sooner! You were wondering what to do to did it. What a blessed happy ending to this story. God bless you and your family.
Celinda Heinrich (Kelsey's aunt)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! Loved hearing Kelsey's voice....can't wait until she sets foot back in New Mexico!!

Sandi Jones

sarah. said...

kels is one of my best friends from college and i wanted to tell you thank you for taking the time to do this! it brings peace to my heart.
it's beautiful to hear kels sing.
praying for the safety for you and your family and friends... thanks for taking care of ours!