Mar 17, 2011

A Few Little (earthquake related) Things

*Thank you for all the nice comments!  They cheered me up and brought tears to my eyes this morning!!  Thank you so much for your means a lot!!!

*I went to a playgroup/meeting for mom's with kids today.  They had a Military Family Life Consultant and a "key spouse" on hand to answer questions.  It was a great way to get some information in a kid friendly setting.

*One thing brought up in the meeting:  Have a typed or written list of phone numbers of family and friends back in the states.   Good point.  Never a good idea to have to rely on your electronics for critical information in an emergency.   Would be a good thing to laminate and stick in your 72 hour kit.  (I'd also like to type up a list of what is IN our kits, laminate it, and put that in there too.  So I would know what we do and don't have, and where to look for things.)

*Note to self:  Add Uno, Skipbo, and Phase 10 to 72 hour kits.  And coloring books and crayons.  Okay, so maybe we should have a whole back pack dedicated to battery/electricity-free kid entertainment.  With some chocolate in there for Mom the kids too.

*I heard about the girls today (Melanie and Kelsey)  They're headed to host families for tonight and hopefully to their own homes in the states soon after!  Evidently they asked if they could stay with me.  My neighbor said..."Uh...she has four little boys.  Maybe you'd be more comfortable with xyz who only has one little baby!"  For the record, I would have LOVED to have them.  But yes...they would have had to share a bathroom with a bunch of aim-deficient man-children.

*Here is one stranger (down south) talking about his experience:

*Doug said when he doesn't have patients on Monday afternoon, he'll get to go out and do some volunteer work.

*I was wishing I could get out and do beach clean up.  Until I heard that they've had some bodies washing up on the beach.  That made me cry.  I will not be going to the beach.

I just got kind of a huge shock.  Tonight at 5:05 p.m. we were told to turn on AFN (the radio station) or Channel 8 for an important announcement from Col. Rothstein.  He addressed the nuclear threat by reassuring us that there is no threat.  We are 250 miles away.  We are up wind.  The radiation levels in the atmosphere of Misawa are being monitored 24/7 and they haven't changed.
And then he said...
that due to the OTHER factors affecting us here (ie gas/power/electricity shortages and continued aftershocks daily) that the U.S. government is offering to bring home dependents.  That means me.  And my kids.  We're being offered a round trip ticket to our home of record in the states.

We have no idea what will happen or what we will do!
My mind is reeling!!!
What do I do?????????

*Post Edit:  Healthy Friend Janeen just called me and told me to STAY CALM!  We're not going anywhere!  I feel better already.*


cherie foster colburn said...

Hi Emily,
I'm another "mom" of Kelsey. My daughter is one of her best friends. There are lots of us out here and we are not only praying for "our" girls, we are praying for you and the other families that hugged them when we could not. You'll never know what that has meant. Your act of kindness was truly Our Lord's arms around His children. I can't help but believe it was a chance for us to get to know you and get on your team, helping the people of Japan in the only way we can right now. It has personalized a disaster that was far away, now brought it not just into our living rooms, but into our hearts. You are not alone. c:

cherie foster colburn said...

And forgot to tell you..... My dad was an Air Force dentist!

Anonymous said...

Emily, Any chance you listed us here in Clovis (Fresno area) as your home of record? We do have some of your boxes in our storage unit awaiting your return. Keep up your good works sweetheart. Many prayers are being said for you and many others there, who are also doing what you can to "love your neighbor". God bless all of you.

annie said...

If it helps, my life too is filled with "aim-deficient-man-children". Very funny wording! Love your posts. Your in our prayers!

Unknown said...

Just to make things clear, it is not an "evacuation" but a voluntary departure - round trip. Evacuation implies that people are being told the HAVE to leave. Let it be known, we are not. As for the Pattersons, I'm sure you're hanging on to your seats wondering (HAHA!) Janelle the red headed-level headed babysitter, all her siblings, and her wannabe Mexican mother are planning to stay in Misawa :)...but I am a real Mexican!

Pinspot said...

Where is your home of record? Might it be helpful to leave just to conserve resources?

Macsen said...

Just wanted to say thank you for writing. A friend sent me a link to your blog. I'm glad you're all safe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,
Again, thank you for blessing Melanie (and Kelsey) and all of us here in the states with your kindness. We are praying for you and your families and also for all of the people in Japan - for safety, for peace, and for the story of Christ to be proclaimed during this stressful time. Love from our family to yours!!!
Beth Fullerton

Anonymous said...

Let's see if I can remember the quote mom and I just read on the wall at the BYU Museum of Art Carl Bloch exhibit (which was fabulous by the way).

"God helps me, that is what I think and then I am calm." - Carl Bloch

I know Heavenly Father will help you and Dougie know what to do. Just trust and remain calm. We know you can do whatever is placed before you. You are an amazing woman.

Melissa Abby said...

Sending hugs to you Emily! If it makes you feel any better at all...because you guys went to Japan you will have like 100s of thousands of dollars less in school loans than we have :) Hang in there!!!!!

Emily S. said...

i hate feeling helpless and I'm glad that you were able to help out those two women and their families. you're amazing Em. Hang in there.

M said...

Emily, I am Laura and Jenny's friend, Mindy, and I just wanted to tell you how touched I've been by your posts. Stay safe and keep up the great work!