Mar 19, 2011


I'm not even remotely brave.  I'm not stoic or stalwart or hardy or tough.  (Just ask Doug.)  Hand me a thesauras and I'll tell you a few more things that I'm not. I'm a big, huge, pain-averse wimp.  I used to think I had a good sense of humor, but even that disappeared in the days following the quake.  I felt like I was walking around in a catatonic state and the only emotions I had were fear and anger and numbness.  But the only time I showed any emotion was when I irrationally barked at my kids for some minor indiscretion.  I have NOT been the face of calm.  (Inside my head=$#@!*&!!!!!!!!!!)

And yet, the nuclear threat doesn't scare me at this point.  I've heard both arguments--both sides of the coin.  (I really really have.  Trust me.)  And I'm NOT saying we're immune from danger up here.  I don't think that.  And I'm not saying we still wont leave if things get sketchy.  We will.

But for now, I have a plan.  I'm keeping my eye on the big wigs.  The base commander is keeping his family here.  He's got three little boys (and a super hot wife).  The head of legal is Roxanna's husband.  He's in "the know" if you know what I mean.  He's still here.  (And plus, they're super crazy vegetarian health nuts, so you know he worries about the health of his FIVE kids.)  Also, we know the wife of the head guy who does all the radiation testing.  He's a super brainy bio-scientist-whatsit of some sort.  His wife, family, baby--are staying.

So for now, even though it is EXTREMELY tempting to get the heck out of dodge and run home to both Mommies, (mine and Doug's)  we're staying put.  But trust me when I tell you:  If ANY of the three above mentioned families start making plans for departure, I will be right in line behind them getting on the plane.


More Later...


Bob's Blog said...

Emily, we are too. You express MY feelings better than I express them-hahahaha. And yes, you still have quite a bit of sense of humor left in ya:)

Working hours for our husbands are not fun though....

Juju said...

Thank you so much for your blog and your insight into the situation there. When I talk to my sister Liz she seems so stressed and overwhelmed with choices that I don't know how to advise her and so instead, we just try to listen, let them know that we are here for them and pray.

Kristen said...

Now that is good decision making! I feel better already. I have been really worried about you and your family.

I think you are handling things very well. It is impressive to me. Everyone, seriously everyone gets scared and angry in those situations. Thats ok, the impressive thing to me is that those emotions are not clouding your desision making.
And you put aside those emotions to care for and serve others during this crisis!

Thank you for your great example!

Anonymous said...

Yeesh. Here in Seattle we just got news that the first wave of evacuees arrived at SeaTac airport. Evacuees=smart

The leader of Tepco burst into tears at the end of the last press conference. (translation, not a good sign)

There is now radioactive iodine in the water supply in Tokyo and in milk. (forget vitamin fortified)

Best of luck lady!!

Anonymous said...

Was already to comment with a sigh of relief and then read the anonymous guy! Ahhh. Hope he/she isn't informed correctly. I felt so much better after knowing you are watching those three families. Great idea to watch their lead. I love you Emmy. We're praying for you and hope you feel our love

The Queen Vee said...

Emily good for you, I think you are going to be fine. You are doing very well and I think your decision to not cut run show's courage and good sense. Have faith and keep exercising it.

acte gratuit said...

Dear Anonymous,
You may be right. Time will tell. But in the mean time, I'd like to point out that;
*I'm not in Tokyo
*I have a LOT of bottled water (And our water here is still fine)
*Bursting into tears is not scientifically conclusive
*We drink soy milk

Also, if things get worse here, they WILL evacuate us and it wont be a "voluntary departure".

So for now, we're staying put.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,
We picked up Melanie at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport about 8:00 p.m. tonight. (That's 10 a.m. Sunday your time.) We were so happy to see her!!!! Thanks for all of your support during this time. Praying for you and your family.
Beth F.