Mar 27, 2011

A Little Good News! (And a lot of links...)

Last night we were looking at a map of the coast and wondering about some of the spots we've visited and how they fared during the tsunami.  We worried that Matsushima Bay (start here and click "newer post" to see more pics of the beautiful area) may have been wiped out.  But after a little googling this morning, I found this article and felt better.  Matsushima Bay sustained some (relatively) minor damage but was mostly spared!  Hooray!
In other news, I keep hearing from people in the states who are frustrated by being so far away and desperately wanting to do something tangible to help.

So far, all I've been able to tell you to do is donate money to LDS Philantropies or the Red Cross.  But today my friend Cami told me about Operation Backpack.  You can put together a backpack of goodies for a Japanese child and send it to the Misawa Girl Scouts for distribution.  I believe this idea originated at a different American base in Japan but was adopted by our Girl Scout Troop here.
I'm excited to put some of these together with my boys!  This is a great project for kids to help with.  Here is some of the information:

We will be collecting packs and items until 15 May 2011.Example of items for a backpack could include:

  • paper, pen, crayons
  • coloring books
  • flashlights w/ batteries
  • stuffed animals
  • playing cards
  • comics
  • tissue
  • non-perishable snacks
  • new or gently used backpacks
  • games
  • hats
  • small blankets
  • stuff animal
  • toothpaste/brush
  • lotion
  • chapstick
  • hairbrush/comb
Please no clothes and provide extra batteries for electronic items.Please indicate whether your backpack is for a girl, boy, or either sex.  
Also indicate the general age.
The backpacks can be a clean, used backpack or a new one.
Items can be mailed to:
Misawa Girl Scouts

Unit 5027 
APO, AP  96319

Questions can be sent to:

Click here for the COMPLETE details!  :)

If this idea doesn't appeal to you, consider holding an auction or fund raiser and donating the money.  I know it's not the same as giving a coat or blanket directly to someone in need, but it amounts to the same thing!

Thanks everyone for your prayers, good wishes, kindness and generosity!!!


Anonymous said...

Jill saw this and has jumped on it. She is organizing a huge deal to donate and send backpack to Japan through the church and now she has the base working it to. We will be sending out huge boxes on May 2. Hope it gets there on time.

Lamb said...

Shared this post on my facebook page. Going to try to get as many people as I can involved in Operation Backpack!

shmmry17 said...

Thank you for posting about this. I found your link from a friend of mine who posted it on her fb. I just wanted to comment and thank you and remind your readers that if they can't help, they can re-post this link and spread the word, that someone they know might help! Thanks again, so much!

sara said...

Fantastic idea!! My kids & I had a bakesale last Saturday and we donated the money to LDS Humanitarian; some friends of ours did the same thing too. My kids will love this backpack idea; we've all been wanting to do something that seems more tangible. Thank you!

Leslie said...

we're totally doing this, thanks emily!

Anonymous said...

Great idea! We'll definetely do the backpack thing. Stateside we have heard reports of radioactive iodine in several states...even in the Seaweed in the Vancouver area. They keep telling us everything is fine...but a lot of people are worried. Not sure what you are doing for your wee ones as far as diet goes, but its a good idea to get them having some miso broth/soup daily. It protected people during the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan back in WWII. I have a ton more easy info if you want it. Let me know

Heidi said...

Thank you for telling us about that project, and for sharing your story! I'm so glad I found you through Joanna.

I verified with the coordinator of the backpack program last night and she said we are welcome to ship from here (Texas) so my kids are assembling two backpacks right now. I love giving them the chance to do something tangible to help.

Thank you!!

Beth said...

I would love to do something! Thank you so much for telling me about this! love, Beth

P.S. I'm going to post about this on Acorn Pies. love, Beth