May 29, 2008

Biking in Bristol or More Proof I'm Super Hard-Core

This week we were all supposed to be in Washington D.C. partyin' it up with the F family.  But then Jay-Bird had to go and have her baby early which totally ruined my plans!  (See the New Baby Post).  (He's thinking "Auntie Em, Auntie Em!  Where are you???"  or possibly "I need to poop!")

BUT being the resilient little buggars we are, we made alternate plans.  
Actually, Doug did.  
I took no part in the making of these plans.

Which is why on Tuesday, we drove to Bristol, RI for a bike ride.  A very loooooong bike ride. 
It was very fun, but (like I said) very long.  (Probably, like, over a MILE!)   We may or may not have ridden through a few different states.  (They're very small over here.)
The trail was very nice despite somehow managing to provide an uphill incline both ways.  It goes along the water and though you're surrounded by back yards and shrubbery most of the way, you get occasional glimpses of the beautiful bay right next to you.

The best part was, on the way back we got to stop for ICE CREAM!
(Our choice of 24 different flavors of soft serve!)

The worst part was, the next day my body felt like this:
Yep.  It's like I always say.  I'm super hard core.


Lizzy said...

Cute family & hilarious blog!
I was in need of some casual reading, as Hollywood is MIA. (yes, you stole me from her!)

Janell said...

Came over from Hollywood.

Lisa said...

Who had to ride the bike with the trailer? It looks like you had the lions share of the work there. I'm not sure I could pull one of those things down my driveway without spraining something.

Bartimaeus said...

Em was lucky enough to pull wobbly Sam on the hitchhiker.

acte gratuit said...

Yep, I pulled Sam down on the hitchhiker. Then I got so tired, Sam had to climb into the trailer with Gabe and Doug had to pull them both all the way back. Up hill. And Sam is a tank!

So I guess Doug is a LITTLE hard core himself.

acte gratuit said...

Welcome Liz and Janell! I hope you stay forever! (Buwahahahaha!!!)

Anonymous said...

My back is killing me after yesterday's work out. I lifted heavier weights than I should have.