May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

(One hot mamma!!!)

"Hey Fae, whatdaya say? Wanna go play? Down by the bay? I just may!"*

This was a common refrain from me in High School when I wanted to torment my mother.

Oh, and this;

"Faaaaaeee! Is this corn hand shucked?"**

Sometimes this;

"Fae, you're the devil!"***

Her inevitable response was "DON'T CALL ME FAE! Call me MOM!!!" and/or "I am NOT the devil!!!" But she could never keep a straight face and usually started laughing so I just taunted her a second time.****


(In front of our Camino house in S.L.C. I love that she's barefoot!)

When my friends asked me why I called my mom Fae I'd reply, "With a name that cool, how can I not?"

But really it was just to tease her. (Until it became an unbreakable habit, that is.)
Now I either call her Fae or Mommy. One or the other.

Old habits die hard.

My point here is, Fae is awesome. She has a great sense of humor and doesn't take herself too seriously. When I'm dealing with my kids, I use her as an example of how to be a good mother. She was always extremely patient with me. I can't speak for the older kids, (they were a LOT naughtier than me) but I don't ever remember her yelling. All she had to do to discipline me was show her disappointment and I'd apologize pretty darn quick. Her good opinion was that important to me.

Recently, my mom remarried. At first I was really excited when she got a boyfriend. Then I started getting a little (okay, a lot) jealous (having always been her favorite child/human). But now I'm just happy she's happy. Even though I have to share her attention and affection.

Faezer, you're the best mom I could have asked for. I love you lots and lots!!!

Lot's of love,

Your favorite child, Emily

P.S. There have been a LOT of other great Mom's in my life. Especially the mom's of all of my High School and College friends. But I'm especially grateful for Doug's mom for raising such a fabulous son. (And one with low enough standards to marry me!!!) Thanks Mom-Susan!

*Adam Sandler in "Happy Gilmore"

**Bill Murray in "What About Bob?"

***SNL skit with Mike Myers and Nicole Kidman. "I'm a hyperactive hypoglycemic. I'm a hyper-hypo!"

****Frenchman taunt from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"

*****Yes, I know I need to get some original material.


FOX said...

You are sooo funny! The way you write is hilarious!

I try hard to be funny. But your funniness makes me realize my amateur funny ways. Is my blog funny at all?

PS I love your MOM!!!!! OH and I will let you slide on saying that you were the most well-behaved, because since I have seen your brother in action, I am going to have to concur!!!!

Linz said...

That is a cool name! Happy mother's day!

Pinspot said...

I Luff Fae, too! How could I not love a women who would make us yummy food if we showed up at her house on a Wednesday morning, instead of asking why we weren't at school.

Brandoneous said...


Please be clear when you speak of naughtiness. Those were your older SISTERS, not your older SIBLINGS. I was never naughty. Mischievous I'll give you. Also, there is no reason to be jealous. Mom never really loved you the most. It just seemed that way to you because once we left, you were the only one left to hang out with. Sorry to be so blunt, but someone who lives thousands of miles away cannot ever really be the best loved, now can she... (no matter how much denial she is in).

But I love you Emz. You are my very favorite youngest sister!

And you are funny. Kinda. Well, sometimes... Look, I love you anyway.