May 31, 2008

Where Dreams DO Come True

I'm sorta bossy. It's one of my worst characteristics and one that made me a very annoying person to be around from about the 3rd to 9th grade. Starting my sophomore year I learned a TINY bit of self-control, but still managed to get into trouble occasionally by trying to bend people to my will. Which is what I did last night.

I made our friends have a "sleep-over" with us. The whole family. All five of them. I begged, and coerced, and hid their daughters shoes (I really didn't but I should have) and bribed, and bossed, until they were too tired to fight anymore and they gave in. Score one for the bossy chick!

See, what happened was, they came over for dinner last night...but we didn't get started until late, and their baby was already asleep in the Pack 'n Play, and then the other kids were just having so much fun, and they still hadn't watched the "Lost" season finale we DVRed for them, and their house is all packed up, so...

I just got out the Aerobed, and after that...resistance was futile. And besides, we do have about 3,648 extra toothbrushes so it's not like THAT was a problem.

The thing is, Diane is one of my first Rhode Island friends! (Right after Fabulous Photographer Jen!) And we have quite a bit in common! We both moved here right out of Dental School so our husbands could start the same Pediatric Dental Residency. We both have little kids who like to play together, we both had our third child here within weeks of each other, we both got called to work in primary, we both love to read and eat ice cream (not necessarily at the same time )and we both have had to adjust to East Coast life and Resident-Wife status together.

And now they are moving to Arizona in a few short days, and we're moving to Japan in a few short weeks, never to see or hear from each other again!!! (Except when we meet up at the AAPD convention in Hawaii next year. And except for blogging, letters, e-mails, and phone calls. But you know what I mean!)

So, we convinced them to stay over last night. And this morning we had yummy Crepes for breakfast. And tomorrow we're forcing them to come over for dinner again.

So at least now I feel a little more bonded to them and a little more prepared to say good-bye.

But not really. Maybe I can talk Diane into two more sleepovers!

Gotta go. I've got a phone call to make!

P.S. Doug wrote a good summary of all of our adventures this last week. You should read THAT next!


Jenn said...

I agree-- you were kindof bossy and nice to see nothing has changed!!:) Sounds like a fun night though!

Beeswax said...

You can send your friends to hang out with me in AZ. But you should tell them this isn't the best time of year to come. Smart people are getting out of the heat.

I am thinking that a post about kid poop would be great. You should write one. Or maybe I should.

PS Hollywood sent me.

EVIE said...

First off, that phone call was not to me, so you SUCK!

and, am I invited to this Hawaii thing???? PA-SHA!

You are the youngest of five. No wonder you had to boss around your friends, cuz your sisters would totally ignore you if you got bossy to them, and your big brother would tackle you!!!!!

No he wouldn't! I am bossy! and I told him that he no longer had my permission to tackle you, after I saw him do it once after you were married!

He suffered my wrath that evening as he heard my explanation that at any given time you could now get pregnant.

Then he vomited at the thought! JK

EVIE said...


Leslie said...

how come my husband's co-residents are always single guys married to their porsches? not fair. :)

Melissa Abby said...

How sad you are all leaving though! Can't wait for Hawaii next year! Chad and I were also just talking about how we can't wait for your Japan stories, they are going to be awesome!!!

Bartimaeus said...

They Rock!!!

Yes everyone is invited to the hawaii thing but we may or may not hang out with everyone. The focus is on dental!

acte gratuit said...

Yeah, whatever Doug.

Linz said...

Sleep overs at your house are great!! Breakfast is the best!