May 20, 2008

1st Try Making a "Sneaky" Recipe

A few days ago I tried my first "sneaky" recipe from my new cookbook, "The Sneaky Chef" by Missy Lapine*.

We had two little boys over to play so I thought I'd slack off and make Mac n' Cheese for DINNER. (Doug wasn't home and I wasn't about to battle 4 boys without help.)

I looked doubtfully at the cookbook thinking it couldn't help me without a separate trip to the store but was pleasantly surprised!

There were actually a few suggestions for improving boxed Mac and Cheese! The first was to add 2-4 Tablespoons of "White Bean Puree" along with the regular cheese sauce package and just make it as directed.
I looked up the recipe for "White Bean Puree" thinking it would be hard to make or I wouldn't have the ingredients.

It said to mix a can of white beans (in a food processor if you've got one) with few tablespoons of water. That's it!

Easy enough! I keep canned beans in the pantry for Fae's Taco Stuff so that was no problem. I blended them. I added a few scant tablespoons to the Kraft (which I have never ever ever deluded myself into thinking was healthy) and I served it.

The kids loved it. They had no idea it was any different. But they got fiber, protein, whatchmacallit, and (probably) some vitamin whatever. And they didn't even blink.

So I'm sold. I'm a believer.

If I never try another recipe, it'll be worth keeping this book around! (Don't worry Claudia. I'll try more than one recipe.)

I always knew beans really were a magical fruit!
Hooray for the Sneaky Chef!!!

*I am not getting paid by anyone to promote this cookbook, but if you send me a check I'll HAPPILY promote it EVEN MORE!!!


Anonymous said...

i'm SO going to try that!!! i need that book!!

FOX said...

Sounds absolutely disgusting!!!! I am definitely going to try it with Jacob though!!! If it works it will be the first time Jake ever ate a bean... in his WHOLE life!!! I will tell you how it goes... only now that I know it is in there, I will never be able to eat it myself!!!!!!!

If I wouldn't try one of Karie's Chocolate chip cookies with zucchini in them (even though I was told you can't taste it) I am sure as heck not going to try "Kraft mac and beans"... um I mean cheese!!!

Anonymous said...

good try. tell us more. does it work on spouses? i will have to give it a try myself.

Alyson | New England Living said...

Nice tip! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I notice you live near the ghosthunters, you lucky girl!:-)

acte gratuit said...

Evidently she has another book called "How to cheat on your spouse in the Kitchen" about sneaky recipes for adults. So there ya go!!!