May 4, 2008

Fuzzy Memories - Kim Edition

We were probably 14 or 15. I was sleeping over at Kim's house and it was pretty late at night. We were home alone.

***It should be mentioned here that Kim's house sits on a laaaaarge piece of property, is very old, and very--let's just say--atmospheric.***

The wholesome activity we'd chosen for the evening was sitting in the kitchen talking (about boys I assume) and roasting marshmallows--using forks--over the gas stove. (Hey, it works, alright?)

Suddenly we hear a noise and both stop to listen.

We hear the noise again and it's coming from the front of the house.

Being young girls, highly excitable, and in an "atmospheric" house, we go to investigate.

We find the front door slightly ajar. "Oh" Kim says, "it doesn't always close tight. The wind probably blew it open."

Nevertheless, being the sensible girls we are, we return to the kitchen and arm ourselves with the largest knives in the knife drawer. Then we sit down and continue talking.

A minute or two later, we hear another noise and both freeze, straining our ears for any sound. I'm sitting with my back to the sink and kitchen window.

Kim is facing me and sitting next to the stove.

In a split second, I hear Kim scream and watch as every drop of blood drains from her face. She's looking directly over my shoulder towards the kitchen window. I swivel my head to see a white face floating in the darkness and smiling and my Banshee screams join Kim's. By now we're both on our feet running across the room. On my way off the bar stool, I fling the knife I'm holding behind me towards the ghostly apparition. Instead of my would-be attacker, the knife hits a glass bowl and knocks it into the sink where it shatters loudly--adding to the cacophony. Kim also throws her knife, barely missing my knee-cap.

Now we're both across the room and turn to face what is surely to be the last thing we'll see before our untimely murders. We're gripping each other, white-faced, defenseless, and still screaming like--well--little girls.

It takes a second to sink in.

It's Stacy. Kim's older sister. She's standing on the porch outside the kitchen window.

She'd gotten home from work, heard us in the kitchen and decided to scare us. So she simply walked out on the deck and popped her head up in front of the window with a big smile on her face.

The ironic thing is, had she actually been an attacker, we would have been defenseless having stupidly thrown away perfectly good weapons.

It's pretty amazing neither of us had a heart incident that night. Or a pee incident for that matter! I think it took a week for my heart-rate to return to normal.

To this day, that is the most scared I have ever been.

I told you my scary story, now you tell me yours!


FOX said...

That is awesome! So basically you and Kim are feeling old and becoming nostalgic during her visit. JK

OK, so I will have to think really hard for a scary story. Most of my scary stories are plain and simply depressing.

Give me a day!

Mrs. Dub said...

Once on Halloween, a bunch of guys in masks chased us back to my friend's house, and then stood at every window and door watching us. Looking back, I'm sure we knew all the guys, but in the moment, I thought it was a gang of serial killers - as if they would be a social bunch.

Good times.

Linz said...

HAHA! That's so funny! I'm going to have to give that some thought!

Jenn said...

Great-- I don't have blinds on my back windows and I always think that one of these days I'm going to turn around and see someone standing there.... Freaky!! Were you hoping the knives would go through the glass windows?? I'll have to think about my scariest moment and not tell you because I don't really want to relive it.

acte gratuit said...

I hope your scariest moments didn't have anything to do with my driving in High School. Sorry, if they did!

Melanie said...

You are a great story teller! You & Kristen should get together & write stories. I remember 1 night going to my grandma's house with my mom, Sharolyn, & Kristen, My dad & brother were supposedly on a camping trip with scouts. Well it was late when we got home it was dark we pulled up to our house lights out cause we did not expect to be back late. Sharolyn walks up to the front door the light porch flashes off & on & a face appears at the glass door... She screams we all scream & she jumps back into the car sits on the raspberries & boysenberries that grandma gave us & got them all over her white jeans. My mom kicks the car in high gear & we are half way down the driveway as we see my brother running out laughing at us... All my scary stories consist of my bro. & his friends. MEL :)

Emily said...

I luf your stories. great one

Anonymous said...

I lost my voice screaming so hard late at night when a friend scared me at her home. It was just a quick response. And it happened to be over Christmas break from school.

Lanes said...

I'm just glad you didn't end up killing the sister (can't remember the relation now). That would have been a bad end to the story.

Lanes said...

Oh and basically anytime Justin walks in the door, I jump and yell. I think I've gotten so used to him never being home that it scares me when he is. I'm pretty jumpy these days.

Jenn said...

Your diving in High School I DEFINTELY have blocked from my mind!!

Brandoneous said...


You are the person in the horror movies that always makes me wonder, "What the he77 is she thinking? WHy doesn't she just stab the killer instead of tossing the weapon?"

I see that all my efforts to prepare you for scariness were wasted.

You learned so little grasshopper...

Love you though.

(My worst one was walking home laste one night after watching The Shining, the Silence of the Lambs...)