May 13, 2008

Who Is Glenn Beck?

My SIL Christina wants to know.

He's a conservative commentator, though not a Republican and not a Bush fan.

He has the third most listened to radio show in America. [Which is on 920 AM at 10 a.m. in Rhode Island.]

He has a popular night-time news show, The Glenn Beck Program, on CNN called "The Fusion of Entertainment and Enlightenment".

He is the NY Times Bestselling author of two books: The Real America - Messages from the Heart and Heartland, and most recently An Inconvenient Book - Real Solutions to the World’s Biggest Problems

He was raised a Roman Catholic but converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He had this to say about the passing of President Hinckley:

Now let's just get one thing straight.

This is not a political blog!!!
I don't feel qualified to convert people to my political point of view, nor do I want to try. (Nor do I think Actor's should try!)

But if you're curious about my political bent, here it is:
  • I am a registered Independent and a flaming Conservative, with some very liberal views.

  • I listen to Glenn Beck, Rush, and Sean Hannity all on occasion. (Beck is my favorite.)

  • I read (the extremely liberally biased) "Newsweek" weekly.

  • I watch both Fox News and CNN on occasion, but NOT network news.

  • I'm FOR small government and lowering taxes.

  • I'm pro-environment, pro-recycling, and pro-oil drilling in Alaska.

  • I believe in caring for the poor, but think social programs do a crappy job of it.

I found this quote today and it summarizes my thoughts on that nicely: “The USA’s welfare system is a disaster. It is creating poverty, not destroying it. It subsidizes divorce, unwed teenage pregnancy, the abandonment of elderly parents by their children, and the wholesale dissolution of the family. The reason? We pay people to be poor. Private charities have always been better at providing relief where it is truly needed.”
--John Goodman, president of the National Center for Political Analysis
(Frankly, I think the government could learn a lot from the L.D.S. church's welfare program!)

  • I love America and there is nowhere I'd rather live. (Sorry Japan.)

  • I'm pro-hetero marriage, pro-family, pro-fostering, pro-adopting, pro-kids, pro-chocolate, and pro-stay-at-home-mom.

  • I have very close friends and family all who have differing political views from me. (And I still like them! Even if they like Hillary!!!)

So there you go. That's me in a political nutshell. But don't presume you know everything about me because I assure you, not even I know everything about me. My views and opinions and beliefs are constantly changing and evolving. It's like my sister Jenny said just before (or was it just after?) mooning everyone at the family reunion, "Don't categorize me!!!"

Now where was I? Oh. Back to the point of this post.
Who is Glenn Beck?
Short answer: Glenn Beck is someone I'd like to meet.

Mr. Beck, if you are reading this, I still have 2 months left in this country and I'll drag all three of my boys back to New York City any day of the week if you invite me to a taping of your show!!! (Or over to your house for dinner. Whatever.)

'Nuff said.

Does that answer your question Chrissy?


Anonymous said...

i miss you emily!!!

Linz said...

Glenn Beck is cool! Love your political post! =D

Marni said...

I LOVE him too! So much fun to watch! By the way...did you know that his daughter (Mary) was in our ward for about a year while she was going to school in Providence? I think it was the first year you here here. I hope that you were able to meet her. She's the one that Glenn talks about who was very instrumental in making the family go back to the LDS Church after they visited for the first time.

acte gratuit said...

I do remember her. She seemed like a cool girl, though, being in Primary, I didn't know her well.

Laurel said...

Where are you moving to? And I am a GB fan too. I hope he calls.

acte gratuit said...

We are moving to Japan. My husband is going to work as a Pediatric Dentist for the Air Force. (He's just finishing up his pediatric residency.) The Air Force paid for 3 years of Dental School, so we owe them 3 years!

I'm alllllllllmost excited!
:) Thanks for commenting!!! :)

FOX said...

I have no snappy come back or witty comment to treat or tantalize!!!!

You see if it doesn't ooze, gooze, or slime I have not desire to waste my time. JK

Does Glen have good hair? I do make allowances for good hair!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post Emily. I used to follow the news and keep up with politics, but since Weekly World News closed up shop last year I just haven't been able to find the motivation.