May 16, 2008

Buried Treasure

I used to collect colored glass bottles. It started on a trip to Big Bear, California in high school. I saw this beautiful red glass bottle glowing in a shop window and had to buy it for my souvenir.

Between gifts, antique store discoveries, and thrift store acquisitions, it wasn't long before I had a large bushel of bottles and had to stop collecting new ones. Currently, most of my glass is on display at (oldest sister) Karie's house in Mapleton, UT.

She just happened to have the perfect place for my collection, and offered to store them until I had a home of my own. (They are lining the top of a 3/4 height wall which shows them off perfectly.) That was 10 years ago. I've had two homes and a few apartments in the interim, but never any ideal display space. So they've stayed put. (But don't get too complacent Karie. They will be mine again!)

In the mean time, I've started a new collection of TINY antique colored glass bottles! I mean, the cuteness factor is just staggering, and it's hard for Doug to complain because they hardly take up any space! (Not that he would ever complain about my consumer habits seeing as how he's perfect and all!)
So anyway, a few days ago Doug walks in the house and hands me this:

(Wouldn't it be funny if I put "to be continued" again right here?)

(...Is that a no?)

(Fine. Here it is:)

A perfect, beautiful, blue, antique, glass bottle.

He found it at the edge of a recently-dug trench. It was buried in our front yard all this time and he discovered it just laying in the grass; un-broken, un-chipped, and relatively unscathed!

I still can't believe it!!! Here we are trying to sell our house when we SHOULD be setting up an archaeological dig to unearth more cool stuff!!!

The best part is... ...It's TINY!!! It's the perfect size for my new collection.

Now THAT is my kind of buried treasure!


FOX said...

So if you are 14 feet tall that should make that bottle about as big as my shoe.


FOX said...

Karie has moved your collection (at her home) from that wall that goes about 3/4 up to the front room window. She has a string of plugged in little lights adorning their bottoms, so that at night when bystanders drive by they find a colorful illumination that of no other.

PSS what does this mean?
basically you are never getting your bottles back. Don't fret. Two of mine are up there too!

FOX said...

Do you want an Emu or Ostrich skull for your collection.?

My kids started unearthing crazy bones from our yard. One day a little old man was staring at us and we approached him. He said that when he was a kid all of our neighborhood was his yard.

He told us they had an orchard here (which we knew) but one year they tried Emu's and Ostrich's (which we didn't know). When that didn't take off, this little old man informed us that they slaughtered them all and buried them where our house is.

... and that is why we have ghosts!!!!!... JK (about the ghosts! The rest is true!!)

Mrs. Dub said...

now you just need a tiny elf to put into that jar. i've always wanted a tiny elf.

Marni said...

That's what you get when you buy a house that was built on an old landfill! :) I'm sure that there's TONS of treasures still waiting to be found!

Mel said...

I remember that trip to Big Bear & I remember you purchasing that red glass bottle & I remember you smearing peanut butter on it to take the label off! GOOD TIMES :) MEL :)

acte gratuit said...

Wow Mel! You remember a lot more than me! I definitely didn't remember the peanut butter. But I DO remember that that was a REALLY fun trip!!!
How cool are your parents for taking pity on me and letting me tag along?!?!?

Linz said...

Sweet!!! What a great bottle!!!

annie said...

Emily- I once (a loooong time ago) saw those bottles at Karrie's house and thought how cool they looked. I didn't know it was you that was so cool and not her. Also, the new bottle is adorable.

Jenn said...

I remember your bottle collection! Love the new one!

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily, I talked to my friend about finding those bottles and this is what she told me. The top secret info is: go down Arnold's neck road and look to the left. Park before the train bridge and walk back towards post road along the water. Prepare for MUD.


mr. underhill said...

Looks like someone has been hitt'n the mini bar pretty hard.