May 22, 2008


I have a cold.
A stupid, runny, YUCKY, sneezy, CRUMMY, stuffy, head-achy Summer Cold.

BUT for the first time in many, many moons, I'm not pregnant or nursing so I can actually DO something about it. (You know...other than take worthless Tylenol Cold) The only problem is, I don't remember what to take!

Any suggestions?
What's your Head-Cold-Drug-Of-Choice?
(My three boys would like to request that I remain semi-conscious after dosing myself!)


Anonymous said...

Coca Leaves ground up with Lye, Iodine and sugar. That will do the trick.

Eddie VanHalen

Kylie said...

I always use Sudafed 12 hour. That seems to help me. There are a few nose sprays out there too that help when you can't breathe at all, like Zicam Congestion Relief (it works perfectly but can be addictive so only use for 3 days).

Anonymous said...

I only use advil, IB Profin, or Tylenol. Alieve also works nicely. For a cough I use the soar throat candies (i mean cough drops, flavor of your choice) or an inhaler.

Naomi said...

It's all about Mucinex. Or however it's spelled.

Linz said...

I like Day/Night Quil. Congrats on being able to drug yourself up! Yea!!!

FOX said...

Pot! If your not prego, you might as well go for the grand stuff!

JK! I agree the sudafed comment although I use benadryl at bed time.

acte gratuit said...

THANKS!!! I'm on my way to Walgreens!!!

Bartimaeus said...

I wouldn't take drug advice from an anonymous source. Although VanHalen has done a lot of drugs.