Nov 27, 2010

Kokeshi and Thai Nativities. Oh, and Fisher Price.

Doug brought home a box from the Post Office yesterday and by about 8 pm I was feeling good enough to be excited about opening it.  It was our much anticipated, saved-up-for, Japanese Kokeshi Nativity.  "Kokeshi dolls are handcrafted wooden folk art dolls made by Kokeshi artists in Japan".
(They're also very lovely.)  

Since we collect nativities, we've been on the look-out for one the whole time we've been here.  Unfortunately, they are few and far between.  (Not surprising in this non-Christian country.)

We finally found this one at and although it sorta felt like cheating to buy it on-line, I'm glad we did.  
It's beautiful and I love it.

And since we were breaking out the nativities, we decided to break open the extensive packaging around  our Thai Nativity for the first time.  Since we just got it in February, this is the first time we've gotten it out.  It's even more awesome than I remember and I'm SO GLAD we went on a half-day adventure to find it in Thailand!

It looks really pretty on top of last years Christmas present:  
My awesome-deal-refurbished-by-Abe-San piano.

(BTW, This painting "Christ at Thirty-Three" by Heinrich Hoffman is the very one that hung in my home, above our piano, for my whole childhood.  It's always been my favorite image of Christ.)
 The details and craftsmanship of these handmade dolls is/are amazing.  I could stare at it for hours.
(Well, if I didn't have ADD I could.)
 (If you want to order one, the information is at the end of this post.)

And finally, we have the Nativity the kids are allowed to play with.  I've had the basic Little People Nativity set for a few years now.  But when my friend Tami introduced me to the expansion set, I had to have it.

Doug came home from work one day about eight months ago and I had to tell him I spent over $100 on  On Little People.

He wasn't thrilled.  

(Did I mention I got the Little People Mayflower and the First Thanksgiving set too???)

Some women buy shoes and purses.  I buy Little People.  What of it?

But can't you just sense the joy radiating from the back of their little heads?

 I love Nativities, I love my boys, 


Bartimaeus said...

I must have blocked out the $100 purchase. !!!!!!!!!!!#@$!#$%@#$%

Bartimaeus said...

That last picture is Gabe right before the dog or the big bad wolf destroyed all of Bethlehem!
We call him King Herod sometimes.

MandiScandal said...

Emily! You crack me up! " I buy little people". Is that why you have 4 cute boys? You bought them? You are too fun! Also, I wanted to let you know that today is my birthday and I'm celebrating Emily style. I'm having cookies and hot chocolate/cider for anyone who wants to stop by on this cold and snowy day. I bought Stephen's apple cider, rediwhip, and smuckers caramel topping ALL BECAUSE OF YOU! Those mugs really inspired me and I hope it tastes as wonderful as it looked!

I just hope no plague comes to me after.

Kristen said...

I might have to spend $100 on little people too!

Linz said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those nativities!! They are so beautiful!! And awesome!

I got a knock-off little people nativity last year and love it. I think I might need an expantion too!!

LOVE those nativities!!!!!

Jenny said...

You guys are awesome! A couple of Christmases ago three large boxes arrived on my doorstep in SF. My mother-in-law had sent us the entire little people nativity set. Yes, very thoughtful of her.... but where on earth was I going to put it in our tiny apartment?!? ;) So glad you guys are doing well!

Melissa Abby said...

I've been meaning to comment how much I LOVE these nativities. I love the simpleness of the first one, it's so cool! Grant loves this little people one...although there is a cow where the angel should be and baby Jesus always gets kicked out in the cold!

Anonymous said...

Ratchem Fratchem. Anna and I have wanted the expansion sets for a couple years. Now our clear across the world sister in law gets one and we can't even play. I am very jealous. Anna said, "I really want them to come to Grandma's for Christmas."