Nov 17, 2010

Dear "16 and Pregnant";

I don't generally (read: never) watch day-time television, but I happened to catch a few minutes of your MTV show yesterday.   You were really stressed about school and your boyfriend and your family and I felt so sad for you and everything you're going through.  As I rocked my baby to sleep in my arms, it was hard to contemplate the struggles your little one is likely to have in the future.

Clearly I don't have all the details and I'm making a snap judgement here, but I have to say this:  Please don't keep your baby!  It is apparent to me and everyone watching that your boyfriend is immature and he's just not that in to you.  Life with him is going to be really hard and adding a baby to the mix will make it even harder!

I have a much better idea:  Give your baby (girl) to ME!  She could grow up in a loving and secure home with four overprotective and adoring older brothers, two happily married, mature(ish) loving parents and all the ridiculously cute girl clothes she could ever want.  (And oh...the tea parties we'll have while the boys are all at scout camp...!!!)


Just thought I'd put the offer out there.  Let me know if you're interested.



Felisha said...

I love that show, don't know why. I watch it and think just give your baby up. Your bf sucks and you are too young to have a baby. It stresses me out watching it but i love it at the same time. Ahhh!

Mel said...

I'm with Felisha. I love it but makes me mad at the same time. Especially when the bf or gf is abusive toward the other partner & the baby is right there! It's always the same at the end when they ALL say, "I wish I would have waited." Sad :(

Janelle said...

you make me laugh.

jefferies said...

Ahhh Emily! I'm right there with ya in wanting a baby girl! Here's to hope! (Give your baby girl to Emily, 16 and pregnant!)