Nov 8, 2010


It's all fine and good to say I'm going to blog every day for a month when the SUN is shining, but right now it's rainy and cold and all I want to do is get back in bed and sleep all day!  (Thus we see why California is a good choice for me mental health wise!)

When we got to Carlsbad/San Diego, we were greeted by MORE FAMILY and it was WONDERFUL!  My mom (Faezer) and her husband John drove in and Doug's parents flew in and brought his sister Beth to surprise us.  Then, the next day, Doug's sister Kris magically appeared at church to surprise us as well!  (All from Utah.) It was awesome!  Laura (my sister) was a champ to host all of us just a few short days before getting back surgery.  (See her angry rant to the neighborhood dog here.)  (Doug's fam stayed at the Carlsbad Ramada with us, but Laura did a lot of the entertaining at her house.)

Saturday night dinner out with all the grown-ups for some great Mexican food!  
What was the name of the place La?  (Oh Mexican food, how I've missed you.)  
BIL Jeff, My sister (La)ura, Target Sweater, & Doug
I paid the strolling mariachi band to play "Guadalajara".  Worth it to see Faezer's smile.

Delicious Sunday dinner made by gimpy Laura.

No, my sister Karie and brother Brandon in Utah did NOT come to surprise me nor did they call or e-mail or in any way acknowledge that I was in town from a foreign country.  
But I'm obviously not bitter.  Or passive-aggressive.  
Jenny, who lives in Romania, did e-mail however to say she wished she could be there!

Sunday evening stroll in beautiful Olivenhain
Doug with sisters Krissy and Beth and Mom and Dad

Yes, I know there is a big thread hanging onto my bum, but I'm in no mood to photoshop at the moment!  (Adorable sweater with hangy thread from Target, in case you're curious.)
I love you California family! Wish I were there!

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Anonymous said...

Was that a cul-de-sac? Just wondering. I am moving there next week. I love that place.