Nov 4, 2010

Hooray for Baby Gray

We interrupt this trip report to bring you...

The cutest seven-month-old you've ever seen!

Baby Gray is getting bigger (taller and skinnier) and cuter every day.  He's sitting up (barely) and trying his darndest to crawl.  (But mostly just rocks on all fours and then rolls where he needs to go--see video.)

He drools profusely like his brothers (Max and Gabe) before him, and tries to put everything in his mouth to bite with his two razor sharp new teeth.  (He's bitten Mommy once but I threatened to ween him so he hasn't done it again since.)

It is no longer safe to stick him on the couch for naps.  Today I left him sound asleep and came back in the room a few minutes later to find him MISSING!  He rolled off the couch onto the large cushion I put down "just in case" and from that cushion he somehow rolled around behind the recliner.  I found him on his tummy happily reaching for his binky just beyond his grasp.  It was quite amusing after I recovered from the moment of shock and terror at finding him gone without a peep!

On our recent trip he got to meet all three sets of Grandparents, four aunts, two uncles and a boat load of cousins and friends.  Obviously, it goes without saying (although I'm saying it) that all who met him loved and adored him.

I'll leave you with the following:

Things most often said to or about Baby Gray:

"Is he always so happy/smiley/alert???"  
(Yes.  Yes, he is.)

"I hope my baby has as much personality!"  
(Yes.  Yes, you do.)

"He's SOOOO happy!!!"  
(Wouldn't you be with me as a mom?)

"He's so GOOD!"  
(Naturally.  All my offspring are perfect angels!)

"Were all your boys so smiley?"  
(But of course!)

"He looks EXACTLY like DOUG!"  
(truer words were never spoken.)

Love you Baby Gray!


Adriane said...

okay, get back here right now. thanks

Adriane said...

I mean... pleeease :D

LaLa said...

Man I miss that little boy!!! Oh, and you too.