Nov 19, 2010

A Retro Welcome Home

I talked all about our trip to the states but I never mentioned what we came home to:
When I unlocked the front door and walked in, I saw a perfectly straight row of white balloons hanging from the ceiling.  I thought maybe I'd walk around the corner and see a "Welcome Home!" sign.

But no...

I walked around the corner and saw PAC-MAN!!!
Which is actually far cooler than "Welcome Home!"

There were many, MANY straight white rows of balloons hanging throughout the house.  The balloons in the corners were larger than the others.  Just like the white dots in the game.

 Each balloon was hung from white thread and stuck to the ceiling with blue painters tape.
We weren't surprised to learn that the project took the perpetrators a few hours to complete.

Turns out it was done by two punks in the neighborhood.  (One Doctor, one Rocket Scientist)

My guess is that they just really really REALLY missed us and wanted to spend some quality time with our stuff.

Or maybe they just really, really like Pac-Man.

Maybe it was a metaphor for the duality of our lives here combining both Japanese and American influences.

Or maybe it was just a hint that we just need to be more careful whom we leave our keys with in the future.

Whatever the point, I thought it was pretty awesome.


MandiScandal said...

That is seriously SO awesome! I bet your boys loved it!

Noelle said...

What great friends! That is awesome!