Nov 13, 2010

Dear Tami; Please Don't Hate Me!

This is Gabey's girlfriend Madeleine with her daddy--Doug's boyfriend Wes.  

Her mommy is my girlfriend Tami.

This is what Madeleine did to her hair while she was at my house:
This is the third time she's cut her hair at my house.

Third time.

It's amazing that we're all still friends.

(We're still friends, right Tami?


Linz said...


MandiScandal said...

hahahhahaha. soooooo not funny if I were you....but funny because I'm not you. THREE times?!?! I think the rebellion just sets in when she crosses the threshold

Wes and Tami said...

Em--here's an idea: move the dang scissors!

Doug's boyfriend

Anonymous said...

Some people should not be allowed to babysit -I mean have free access to scissors.

acte gratuit said...

But Wes, I DID move the scissors! They were hidden for months! Then I let my guard down! I didn't know she was just biding her time!!!