Nov 17, 2010

A Few Little Things...

  • I had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast this morning.  (Great food choice!)  I put sunflower seeds, raisins, and Japanese cow milk* on top.  It was really good!  (Yay me!)  When I finished, I was still hungry and decided to have a leetle bit more.  I poured the (whole) oats, dumped on a few sunflower seeds, and went to grab the last few raisins in the box.  That's when I saw a suspicious clump.  I pulled out the wad of raisins and found a little web surrounding some sort of caterpillar looking thing.  I had just eaten some of those raisins.  I wanted to gag.  And cry.  And gag.  I threw the box away, contemplated throwing every perishable item in the whole pantry away, and then got out the chocolate chips and dumped those on top of my oatmeal instead.  (Whomever told me it's okay to put chocolate chips on oatmeal should be severely punished.  (Kim B.)  It's like eating an oatmeal cookie for breakfast!  Not a great idea for a hypoglycemic!)  After I finished this bowl, I dumped some (more) chocolate chips in a cup and I'm eating them while I type.  Some things, like bugs in food you've just been eating, do psychological damage and require immediate chocolate healing.  Gross!  *shudder* Munch.
  • In regards to my overall health and healing, I'll just say this:  "I got bettah!  I think I'll go for a walk!  I feeeel happpppppyyyyyyy!"**
  • In other news, we're at the beginning of the end of our time here in Japan.  Friends are finding out their next assignments and we have to face the fact that we'll all be going our separate ways SOON.  It's quite exciting but mostly just really depressing.  I don't know where everyone will end up yet, but I can say that we have a trip to Argentina and most likely Germany planned for...the minute we pay off all our (stupid) student loans!  (And Romania if you're still there, Jay-Bird!)
  • In other other news, my cousin Wendy is coming to visit.  Obviously because she's the ONLY family member who loves me.  Or maybe 'cause she's an uber-famous travelling photographer.  Whatever.  I'll take what I can get.  (If you want her to take your picture in late April, let me know.)

I could go on, but I have to blog for 12 more straight days, so I think that's it for me today.

*Yes, we always note and/or differentiate the type of milk we're referring to around here since we cater to so many milk needs.  I.E.  Doug's ultra pasteurized (nasty imported from the U.S.) Skim Milk (cheaper than the local milk and with less fat), my Unsweetened (Green) Soy for healthy and/or lactose-intolerant days (and all dinner smoothies) and my delicious Japanese Cow 1.5% for when I'm feeling unhealthy and rebellious, Max and Sam's (Light Blue) Light Vanilla Soy, (Gabe drinks whatever anyone gives him) and Gray's Breast milk and/or formula since our pump broke.)

**Dear Mom and/or any Aunts and Uncles who may be reading.  This is a quote from Monty Python and The Holy Grail.  Call Brandon and he'll quote the rest of the movie for your listening pleasure.


Anonymous said...

What about your trip to Austrailia you won?

"Travel results in knowledge. Knowledge begets experience. Experience begets wisdom."

Love you, DSC

Anonymous said...

I must state for the record: I have never seen a Monty Python movie. Brandon, are you ok? Are you still breathing? Hello? Hello? Does anyone know CPR?

Brandoneous said...


You have been missing out on some very funny stuff. I recommend of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Other than that, you might consider steering clear to avoid offending your sensibilities! Still alive, just.

Natasha and Jesse said...

Soo gross about the caterpillar in the raisins...that almost made me gag reading it!

That is so cool that your cousin Wendy is from Blue Lily photography. I absolutely love her photos of Stephanie Nielson and her family!

mama bear said...

Okay, first of all EWWWWWW! Second, I stand to it: chocolate chips in your oatmeal is perfectly acceptable and healthy!!

Oh, and tell Wendy hi for me! I wish we could come and visit you, but we're swimming in debt up here on the (beautiful) Oregon (not too far from the) Coast!!