Nov 23, 2010

Yep, I'm an Eco Scout

The other day after the Med Group Thanksgiving Lunch, I felt compelled to dig through the trash pulling out bottles and cans so they could be recycled.  Once I'd started a separate garbage bag just for recyclables and left it out in an obvious place, I felt okay leaving.  I did the same thing at the Sports Day potluck.  (I mean SERIOUSLY people, if you're providing 10,000 drinks in bottles and cans, PUT OUT A RECYCLING BIN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!)

Anyway, it reminded me that my mom and I did a similar thing when I was a kid.  I noticed that a lot of cans were always in the garbage at the Beauty School (where I got my super awesome perms in middle school) and it really bothered me.  So my mom bought a blue recycling can with the arrows on it, we dropped it off at the school,  and every week or so she'd take me over to collect the cans and we'd recycle them.

I also joined Butler Middle School's chapter of "Eco Scouts" around the same time.  I told Doug all this.  "Did you know you married an 'Eco Scout'?" I asked with pride.
"Um, no.  And it's a good thing or I may not have married you."

Such a snob.  He's lucky I married a nerdy Country Club TENNIS player.


This reminds me of another quote from my idealistic youth.  My dad was standing in front of the open fridge "grazing" as my mom called it.  I walked up and said "Shut the door!  You're letting out all the C.F.C.'s!"  (I learned about 'em in Eco Scouts.)
He said "You don't even know what 'C.F.C'. means!"
Me:  "Chlorofluorocarbons."
Him:  stunned silence.

I've been savoring the look of complete dismay ever since.


Any of you Eco Scouts?
(Or geeky tennis players?)


Linz said...

I recycle!! I have "mini binnies" in my garage and proudly take them to the recycling center when they fill up. It's amazing how much fewer garbage bags leave my house on garbage day!!

I also use reuable shopping bags. It makes me feel happy!

Well done, Em!!

Melonie said...

I'm definitely an Eco Scout. Probably a nerdy geeky Eco Scout....and I almost got married at a country club, but I've never played tennis. Does that help me? haha

It drives me nuts that recycling is "mandatory" on our bases but units host functions with no bins, and my neighbors don't bother with their recycling. One of them has actually filled their own trash bin and then started putting trash in OURS (because it's only got 1 bag in it at any given time). That ended when I pulled everything out and stacked it next to their bin. Maybe that wasn't nice of me, but after a month of it (and we get pickup twice a week!!!) of that happening I was fed UP. GRRRRRRR.

I hope it will give you warm fuzzies to know that we also do bentos, reusable drink bottles, reusable shopping bags, and reusable gift wrap (bags instead of wrapping paper - my Nana and I have one bag that goes from my house to hers, and back again the following Christmas. LOL).

I even picked up some reusable sandwich & snack bags at on a whim and actually really like them. I got my kids some Klean Kanteens for stocking stuffers yesterday. Normally we use CamelBak and the like but I thought we'd give the metal ones a try.

Oh my. I think I just proved the nerdy Eco Scout point. heehee

@Linz - good for you!!! I'm borrowing your "mini binnies" that. :-P

LaLa said...

I was never an official Eco Scout but I have been known to pull cans and bottles out of the trash, put them in a big black trash bag and bring them home from girl's camp to recycle. And if I see some big milk jug sticking out of someone's trash can, I MUST pull it out and put it in the recycling bin.

Who doesn't recycle milk jugs for pity sakes?!?

P.S. You need to bring me home some of those little Japanese lunch things...bento boxes??

Lyana said...

Yes! And I didn't even know I was until your post:)
I love seeing how full my paper recycle bin can get, and how many cans/glass/plastic containers I can throw away in a day. Especially, I am proud of myself when I manage to bring something recycable from upstairs all the way downstairs-hahahaha. Like empty shampoo bottle or something.

Kristen said...

Neither, but, I wanted to tell that every time I see Prince William in a photo or on TV I promise myself I will tell you this: Your husband looks just like him or should we say that he looks just like your snobby country club tennis player of a husband... Ha ha! That's kind of funny!

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Your pies sound so yummy! Go give your handsome prince a kiss!