May 23, 2008

It Runs in the Family

On Sunday, our friends the Levett's invited us over for a going-away BBQ along with 2 other families who are leaving the ward soon. I thought it would be cute to get a picture of the three baby-buddies who occasionally hang-out together in back of the Primary room and were all born within weeks of each other.

Me: Hey, let's get all the babies on the couch for a picture!
Gabe: YAY!
Megan: Whatev...
Jaren: I'm out.

Babies: Hey! Look at the parents! They're acting like idiots!

Gabe: My dad is SO FUNNY!
Megan: ...or something!
Jaren: Seriously. Are we done here?

Gabe: This is the happiest day of my life!!! Don't you guys just feel like dancing???
Megan: I'm not getting a good vibe here.
Jaren: Neither am I. This is all very alarming.

Gabe: Come on guys! Friends gotta HUG...!
Megan: Jaren, let's get out of here.
Jaren: SWEET! She's holding my hand!

Gabe: I just LOVE you guys! Come here!!!
Megan: MOM!!!
Jaren: Oh boy...

Gabe: Hey! What just happened? Where's the love?
Jaren's Mom: Jaren! What gives? You don't even try to defend her from that brute?
Jaren: Fer riz!? How was I supposed to know he'd go all cheap-suit on her!?!

Megan's Mom: Don't worry Meg. He'll be in Japan soon. He wont bother us anymore.
Megan: 'Bout time you got me off that couch!!! No means NO, Gabe!

Guess we know which family wont be invited back! Oh well. It was fun while it lasted!


Alyson said...

Love your intrepretation! Hilarious!

Linz said...

Nice commantary. Those are very cute babies!

No means No, Gabe!

jen said...

hahaha! i know i can always get a good laugh when i visit ur blog!!!

Jenn said...

loved it!

Polliwog said...

You've got your hands full with little Casanova, huh?

I always love reading what you write. You've got a clever way with words.

FOX said...

Emily you are such a dork!

Melissa Abby said...

You crack me up!

AzĂșcar said...

That's really funny, what a ham!