Jun 13, 2008

Just So You Know

Just in case you were tempted to highly commend and then rent and then watch Juno with your mom, I don't recommend it.  It has way more swearing and waaaaaay more, um, s.e.x. than you remember.  Trust me on this.  

(Despite my complete discomfort throughout the entire movie, I still cried at the end.  Again.  Doug left half-way through to go to bed.  Wuss.)

In other news, while Fae and John were in Newport checkin' out the Mansions yesterday, Doug and I went on our...

First Ever Family Kayaking Expedition


The whole fam-dam went...  
In tiny, rocky, tippy, none-too-staple, self-propelled water-craft.

For once I did not stay home with the baby, generously sacrificing my own pleasure so my husband could go have fun with the big boys.  
(Actually, I just like staying home so I can watch Law & Order re-runs in peace while Gabe sleeps!)

Neither Gabe, nor I, had been in a kayak before.   
(Except maybe I got in Travis's kayak in the Old Mill pool.  Don't remember.  Did I, Anna?)

As (is not) usual on our adventures, I had to carry most of the weight with both big boys in my Kayak.  Doug was in a smaller craft with Gabey-Baby.  (Probably for the best since both Gabe and I have about equal swimming skills.) 

The whole thing was actually Sam's idea.  Around 2:00 p.m., he came strutting out of his room dressed in swim trunks, his life jacket, and goggles.  

I asked what he was doing and he said;
"I want to go on a Kayak with Daddy!"  
And that was that.   
(How do you say 'no' to a boy who is looking at you imploringly from beneath ill-fitting swim goggles?!?  You don't.)
So when Daddy came home, we all went on a Kayak.

And I actually had fun!  
And we didn't capsize! 
And I didn't run out of strength and strand us in the middle of the bay forcing an emergency rescue by helicopter!  (One of the many defects of my kind:  weak arms.) 

It was a successful evening by all accounts!  (Also, extremely beautiful!  Have you SEEN where I LIVE???)

I'm just getting better and better at this Mom o' Boys/Sporty-Mom stuff!!!  One day, I may actually learn to throw something and hit my target! (which, incidentally, is Doug.)  Or I might be able to watch more than 36 seconds of a football game on T.V.!  

The possibilities are limitless!!!  

(In the mean time though, if any of you with little girls would like to invite me over for a tea-party, I'd be thrilled to attend!)  

Post Script:  The kayaks were borrowed from our generous and fabulous neighbors Art and Doris who are both in their mid to late 80's, and both way more hard-core than me.


Carina said...

I WANT to share Juno with my mom, but I know that all of the references will fly over her head (not to mention the swears.)

I cried so many times during that movie, I'm such a mom.

Bartimaeus said...

I was going to leave before the movie, leaving half way through shows how funny the movie actually is.

Rollo: That ain't no etch-a-sketch. This is one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet.

FOX said...

What the crud is Juno? Never heard of it.

Glad you enjoyed the kayak. I still have to post about Brandon and Jakes canoe experiences.

I will post some pictures of Kenna and Jaxon's baptism day today for you.

love ya!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Juno heads-up.

I am sooo not a boy mom. I just would never be able to hang- thank goodness for everyone involved, I'm a girl mom.

Lanes said...

I have to say that my girls would way rather go in a kayak than have a tea-party any day. Abby also routinely collects bugs and names them and holds them for hours and hours until they die in her arms. Maybe my boy will want to have tea parties with me.

So glad you got to go kayaking, it is one of my very favorite pasttimes and you do live in a BEAUTIFUL place!

FOX said...

I want to go Kayaking!!

acte gratuit said...

In Fae's defense, she said she really liked to movie and "can't be shocked by anything anymore." She likes to know what's 'in' and 'hip'.

It was just ME that was incredibly uncomfortable, evidently.

Lanes, the fact that Abby holds and loves the bug just shows her nurturing side which is absent in my boys. They just squash 'em right off and move on.
Oh, and participating in the same activity for more than 5.3 minutes? Also not a (my) boy thing.

; )