Jun 11, 2008

Snickerdoodle Winners Announced!!!

I have many "issues".  One is indecisiveness.  Another is fear of inadvertently hurting someones feelings.  (I have no problem hurting your feelings on purpose.)  Another issue is my tendency to procrastinate anything I "HAVE" to do.  These uh, "special traits" don't lend themselves to being great at judging contests.  So I'm a few days late, but today is the day.  The day I will announce the winner(s) of the delicious Snickerdoodles.  Yes.  There will be more than one winner.  (See issue number 1 above.)

So.  Here's the deal.  I tried to pawn the judging off on my mom and Doug, but we couldn't all agree on one, so we have multiple winners

Fae chose her winner based on actual usefulness/thoughtfulness:
(*drumroll please!*)
Jennifer from Connecticut who said;
"I remember when Courtney and I became good friends well.  It was when she called me from Costco out of the blue just to see if she could pick anything up for me..."
Something anyone can do, but it means a lot.  Good one Jen!

Honorable Mentions by Fae:
Marissa (You mentioned her Taco Stuff!)
Shelly  (My mom couldn't believe it when I told her you were the 15-year-old Shelly from S.F.!  She thinks you're very intelligent and astute for your age.)
Jonas Family (1st comment of several.) ;)
Marissa, Shelly, and Jenny.  You are all awarded a Virtual Snickerdoodle!  Enjoy!!!

Next up, Doug's selections were based more on their humor factor.  He couldn't decide so he'll be helping me roll the 10,000 little beasts in cinnamon because we're giving them to both of his winners:

Suz who recommended baking cakes and sticking random carrots in them.  Your comment completely baffled my mom ("She says 'cheerio'... is she English?") but Doug thought it was hilarious.

And Marissa.  Doug likes your Karate Party idea.  As do we all.  And it's so very fitting.

Finally, my pick.  I'm eliminating the three previous winners so that at least narrows it down.  Honestly, you guys really did give some excellent advice and gave me lots to consider.  But I'm going to go with a late entry.  (I can do that, it's my contest.)

Mandi-Baby left her comment under the "Hairy Situation" post and I think I'm actually going to take her advice.  Here it is:
Offer your talents willingly. Be open about yourself and the fun things you have done, the music you listen to, whatever, (people like to know you are cool) but also ASK others what they like and listen as they speak. Everyone's favorite subject is themselves. 
(ain't that the truth!)

If you showed up on the first Sunday and said "hey! I am having a moving in party and I make killer cupcakes! I would die if you/your family wasn't there!" People would show up. Sure some people would eat the cupcakes and leave but others will stick around and they now 1)know where you live, 2) know you have skills. These are perfect situations to start friends. People can now stop by just whenever and feel welcome in your home and who doesn't like a friend to cook and bake with? Those are my FAVORITE friends!
(I can do this.  I can make cupcakes and I love hosting parties!!!)

or...you know...whatever other skills you have be it numbchuck skills, computer hacking skills, you know... skills! People like friends with skills!
(Oh, I've got skills...)

Whatever it be, be open, inviting, and upbeat. It hasn't failed me yet!

She gets extra points for referencing Napolean Dynamite.  Sure, he's so 3 years ago, but I still love him, alright?  ("I see you're drinking 1%.  Is that 'cause you think you're fat?")

If you're a winner, (in this contest.  Not in life in general.) please email me at emilydeon(at)gmail(dot)com with your mailing address and I'll send you your cookies...eventually.  (And hey, let me know if you're allergic to cinnamon, yo!  I can diversify!)

If you're a (sore) loser (Diane) and/or just really want some cookies (Jenny Jonas, Kim B.),  send me your mailing address and maybe we'll take pity on you and send you some too.  (But not as many as we'll send the winners.  There must be some justice!)  
Thanks for participating everyone; for the great advice, and all the laughs!!!


FOX said...

YAH!!!!!!!!! I am a winner!!!!

OK! I didn't want to be eliminated for being family, so I used my high school nick name.

When we went to parties we would lie to weird boys and give them our "nick name" so they would never be able to look us up!

My nick name was SUZ! All my friends (who were girls) called me this at parties.

I await my cookies.

btw... My Bishop really did the carrot/cake thing to all the non-members on his street. He said that when his neighbors finally had the guts to ask what was up with the carrot, he would respond that they were now good enough friends for him to share his beliefs.

The cheerio thing referred to the cereal. Family's sporting (having) cheerios at church would be your age.


Anonymous said...

I've never won anything before!! Thanks Doug!!!

Sara said...

Hey girl! I've got your name for the swap! I'm excited- it looks like we have a lot in common, and I dig your sense of humor after reading a little of your blog...I'll definitely be back to read some more:) Have a fantastic day!:) -Sara in Utah

Jennifer said...

Hey thanks Em! Send my cookies to Kim Brown!

p.s. This could also be another way to make friends! heehee!