Jun 16, 2008

Good Times

This morning my Mom and (new husband) John left.  We've had a really fun week with them, but it went by too fast!  Fortunately, we were able to have lots of fun AND exploit their generosity quite a bit while they were here, so at least there's that.

For example, on Saturday Doug and I were able to experience something we'd all but forgotten about:  Peace and Quiet!  
Oh, and a date with free babysitting for a WHOLE DAY!  

That's right, Fae and John offered to babysit for us for the day while we visited Block Island:  the very last place on our Rhode Island 'to see and do' list.  We've been wanting to visit ever since we got here, but we'd never gotten around to it.  You should have SEEN how happy Doug was when the offer of babysitting was made and he could contemplate a kid-free day!

So Saturday morning we packed up a big back-pack and set off for the ferry that would deposit us on the island.  (Which is 12 miles from shore and takes about an hour to reach.)  It was then that Doug discovered something he NEVER would have noticed had kids been in tow.  He has some really long leg hairs.

Yep.  That's right.  As we sat peacefully on the ferry staring at the beautiful scenery and talking to each other about things of no consequence, Doug found an extremely long leg hair sticking off of his knee.  He soon realized that MOST of his leg hairs are that long when stretched out!  
 And to think.  Without Faezer and John, it would never have been possible to make such a
 startling discovery!
Anyway, once on the island we did another thing we've always wanted to do but can't do with kids.  We rented a SCOOTER!  It was a blast.  We scooted all around the whole island, saw both lighthouses in residence, and played on some gorgeous beaches.  (Eventually finding the perfect beach to ostensibly read our books, but really to fall asleep upon.)  The weather was perfect, the scenery was serene, and the food was fab.  We couldn't have asked for a better day.  

(Please pardon my glorious pasty white-ness.  I don't get out much.)
Meantime, back at the ranch (er, house) Faezerator was finishing up some other slave labor (besides babysitting) foisted upon her by moi.  Friday we had started a sewing project which was nearly complete, and by the time we got home, she had finished it.  (Pretty freaking amazing considering the boys were in residence.)  

So, here's how sewing projects go down around here:  I have an idea or inspiration.  Sometimes I even start the project and then give up part way through.  Next, Fae-bomb and I go to Jo-Ann's and buy too much stuff.  Then, I act like I'm going to help and assist but really just supervise and make the occasional suggestion.  Finally, Faezer does all the work and creates a thing of beauty. 

It's a tried and true formula, and it's always been successful.  Even with her new husband along, she still managed to work some sewing magic by doing all my mending, (even the mending I didn't know I had) and creating these awesome monster toys for the boys!  (Inspired by this blog post.)
Max's is a Pirate Monster, Sam's is a Sheriff Monster(green tag) who sticks his tongue out at 'scary' monsters, and Gabey's is just plain cute and even has a red heart on it's bum.  The boys love them and Sam has been carrying his around non-stop and sleeping with it.  (For the record, I did design the patterns, and I cut out some felt, and I made the pirate patch ALL BY MYSELF!)

All in all, it was a wildly successful day.  We had a fantastic time visiting Block Island, and the boys were (reportedly) very happy and well behaved at home.  Fae and John survived, but may or may not offer to babysit anyone's kids again ever.  (Sorry siblings!)

Thanks again Mom and John!  It was great seeing you!  We hope you'll make it to see us in Japan (or Hawaii)!  

And I promise if you do, I'll keep the sewing and babysitting to a minimum!


Mandi Baby said...

you have a new husband? ouch... no wonder doug didn't get anything for father's day. burn doug...burn. (that was me talking to doug, not me commanding you to burn him)

Also, don't even sit here and LIE. You know once your mom makes it all the way to Japan she will be TRAPPED! I mean seriously, what is she going to do? If you tell her to babysit and mend all day she really has no choice. mwhahahahha. What an evil EVIL little plan! But good job and playing to cool and pretending like you won't have her do that (it lures her in) and then once she is on the plane you have her hook, line, and sinker! YAY!

hahahaha. I am home sick today. I am normally weird but I might be an extra weird today. Mostly I am just funny. You have to read it with the voice I say it.

Jenn said...

What a fun day!

Linz said...

Great pictures of Block Island!!! What a fun day! And YEA for FAE!!!! Arent' moms great!?!

acte gratuit said...

Ah Mandi,
We're total strangers and yet you seem to know me so well...

Don't worry. I always know weird/funny when I read it. It resonates with me.

FOX said...

Can we totally exploit this Hawaii thing??? Seriously, if we won't rain on your parade I really want to go and can get Faezer there too if you want!!!

Melissa Abby said...

I am so glad you guys got to go to Block Island, and by yourselves, even better!

Anonymous said...

lucky dog. that's one place we wanted to visit but never made it. u went with no kids. lucky dog.

LL said...

FUN to hear from you! your boys are adorable and I'm excited for you and your big move.
I have two close friend who lived in Japan (went for a year or two for husbands work) they both LOVED it.
Good luck with those 3 boys...boys are SO great. Perhaps you could add a girl to the family while living in Japan...she could always have the made in Japan label :)
i look forward to reading about your adventures!