Jun 20, 2008

Lucky Me!

I feel like I've been flooded with love lately!!!  My friend Marni made us this cute little family picture as a going away present.  I love it!  (She's a Stampin' Up genius!!!)

Then, my friend Sara gave me these two ceramic art pieces made by her husband.  They have tiny silver hooks on them so they can be made into necklaces.  Have I ever mentioned my deep and abiding love of pottery and ceramics?  Yes.  Yes I have.  Sara's husband, Nathan, is an artistic GE.NI.US!!!  See his work here!  (And definitely click to enlarge the pictures!)

Next we have this beautiful, witty, truthful, and appropriate embroidery from Jessi.  She's "Paying it Forward".  (Which I will be doing shortly.)

And finally, my Mom delivered this H.C. from my sister Karie.  Karie bought it for me in New York City after I brought the boys down to visit.  It arrived on the hottest day of the year, so I waited approximately one day to try it.  And yes.  It's very good.  Very very very good.  Even in 90 degree weather! 
I love people!

Now two gifts for you in the form of great blog posts:  
1.  Doug wrote a hilarious ode to his car the other day.  I was actually laughing.  Out loud.  
2.  And then today my sister Laura wrote about some service given to flood victims HERE which made me feel good.  (Sad, but good!)

Well, our indoor thermometer says it's only 75 in here so I'm gonna go make some Hot Chocolate now.

Have a FABULOUS day!

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