Jun 30, 2008

Dear Journal,

I've missed a few days, so I need to catch you up. (Pardon the improper grammar.)

Thursday: The movers came. All two of them. One of whom left early. I don't know WHY I thought they'd be finished by the end of the day (in time for our early Friday morning walk-through and closing.) (See Doug's blog for more details.) Evidently I'm a hopeless optimist.

Here's a brief summary of the day in numbers:
Minor heart attacks: 3-10
Number of rooms emptied of stuff: 0
Major panic attacks: 16
Emotional break-downs: 1-28
Large wooden crates filled: 7
Panicked phone calls to Doug: 317
Number of times the boys were helpful: 0
Number of times the boys were naughty: 6,438

(What do you do when your detergent is packed and you really hate hand-washing? Put dish soap in the dishwasher! It works like a charm!)

Lucky for us, we had a place to go this night so we didn't have to camp amidst the chaos; The family of our favorite RI babysitter, Jessica the Fearless! They, (the Magnanimous Millers) were also generous enough to host Doug's dad who arrived for his whirl-wind visit that night at midnight.

I hope you're appreciating all of this typing, because I'm very tired Journal!

Friday: The boys (fortunately) got to over-stay their welcome with my FABULOUS and LONG-SUFFERING friend Jenni for the day.

The walk-through was rescheduled for 3p.m. The moving company sent three movers this time and promised the house would be empty by 3:00.

The house was not empty at 3.
(when the buyers arrived for the walk-through.)

The house was still not empty at 3:30.
(when they did the walk-through anyway.)

For all I know, the house still isn't empty.
(I hope the buyers enjoy our stuff.)

The buyers had to do their walk-through in the midst of unfinished packing and stacked boxes.

Then we had to RUSH to pick up the kids,
RUSH back to The Magnanimous Millers to shower, change, and drop off the kids (again),
and RUSH to the graduation reception which started at 5:00p.m.

We barely made it on time. After that, it was smooth sailing and a wonderful evening filled with excessive hugging, (I'm not very good at social hugging. I never get the pressure right.) Shirley Temple's for the Mormons, tears, laughter, ceremony, funny stories, mocking of Douglas, more hugging, and finally a delish dinner at the famous restaurant, Hemenways, downstairs. (I got the Cashew Crusted Salmon with Pineapple Butter. It was VERY good.)We're really going to miss all the friends we've made here. Especially all of the above "co-residents". [See that guys in the top right corner? His name is Chad. He's super excited because Doug bequeathed him all his patients since they sorta look alike. (I hope I never have to type or think the word "bequeathed" ever again.)]

and now...
it's official.
(And yet for some reason he can't fathom, I still refuse to address him as "Doctor".)

And that's all for today, Journal.

More tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Doug, and to you too Em for putting up with all that school stuff!!! You deserve a medal!!!!

I did the dish soap in the dishwasher thing in college!!! We had to go rent a wet vac to clean it all up!!

PS I am soooo jealous that you went to Jenny's (F.) I want to go!!!!!

I never go anywhere! So you better be flattered when I go to Japan!!!

FOX said...

Did you delete my comment because I used a last name?

you guys are so paranoid!!!


Anyway, do you know if you click, the box remove it forever, then you don't have to read the deleted note.

FOX said...

well ok I will give "paranoia" to you now that you are famous too!

but I don't think anyone wants your kids, first off because they are always poo-ing all over everything, as we have read.

Second, they are crazy, as we have read,

and third, they will be in Japan!! and gas is expensive!!!

acte gratuit said...

Hey, I'm protecting JENNY'S annonymity here! She's WAY more paranoid than me!!! Did you know Doug edited my blog post after their last visit because I used her kids first names?!? So even he recognizes the privacy-phobe!

(also, good to know the delete forever thing!)

Jenn said...

Congratulations Doug! Good luck to you guys on your new adventures!

Sara said...

Congratulations- what an accomplishment! So it sounds like you might want to wait for me to ship your package till your location is not that of someone in the witness protection program- I totally understand! I've got it all ready and waiting for you so let me know when you have a safe address and I'll send it off:) By the way, can I hire you to live in my kitchen and bake me yummies everyday? Those cookies were delectable!! And I'm loving that minty lip gloss! Take Care!

Anonymous said...

congrats guys! i feel for you on the move. that is a pain in the butt. and i can't imagine going to another country. good luck with that! better u than me.:-)

Linz said...

Congrats Dr. Doug!!! Glad they still bought your house!

Dishsoap in the dishwasher - classic Emily!

The Jonas Family said...

I feel for you and moving... I was in your same boat. We were suppose to have the movers come Friday morning (8-10AM) to move which they didn't show up until 3pm. I was planning on cleaning up the place after to make it presentable to still sale (still on the market).

We had to leave before they were even half way done to check in to a hotel, shower and get ready (1 hour) for my husband senior banquet (finishing residency in Emergency Medicine - ER doc). We then drove to drop of the kids to be watched that night and we were off to enjoy the evening in celebration!

Congrats to both of you!