Jun 25, 2008

Just One of Those Days

Movers #2 have come and gone. I awoke groggily this morning to the sound of knocking. "Uh oh!" I exclaimed while jumping out of bed. Sure enough, a quick peek out the window reveals a large moving van parked out front.


I yelled in the direction of the door, and ran back to my room to find some clothes.

When the moving company said they'd be here between 8-5, I did NOT expect 8 a.m. on the dot. In fact, last night when I went to bed leaving things only half ready, I envisioned a leisurely morning of organizing and an afternoon or evening visit from the movers.

No such luck.

And it would have to be one of the VERY rare occasions when all three boys choose to sleep in!

So, the two movers came in and set to work packing up the measly pile of stuff I left out last night. Remember, this is the stuff that's supposed to tide us over until our BIG shipment arrives. I'd piled up sheets, some basic kitchen stuff, and two small totes of toys. I'm pretty sure I forgot many, MANY things we'll need and want, but I threw in a few extra pillows, so at least I'll be sleeping well, if nothing else.

Almost as soon as they were here, they were gone taking our new desk-top computer with them and leaving me dazed and confused and new-computerless. (Fortunately, I still have the old barely functioning laptop.)

SO, time to move on with the day. I get the baby out of his high chair and take him down stairs to be placed in Maxwell's care. I need to put a few things away without Gabey's help. I set him down next to the big boys and start to walk away when I hear Sam exclaim "AHH! BLOW-OUT!".

Surprisingly clear and articulate for him!

I glance at Gabe and see nothing. I glance down at my shirt and see something. A whole lot of something. Covering me. It's amazing the smell didn't alert me, but my allergies are in full force and I'm a bit stuffy.

I grab Gabe and find the source of the destruction. It's sneaking out through the side of his diaper. Not taking the usual up-the-back route.


Good thing he's extremely good under pressure. He delivers the goods in under a minute.

Now all three boys are in the tub and I'm awaiting my turn in the shower. I smell faintly of poo despite having removed all soiled clothing.

And I'm blogging.

Why? Because some things just need to recorded when they're fresh!

Or should I say, "ripe".


Bartimaeus said...

lol I wish you luck hun. Jsut keep laughing at Glen Beck and all will be well.

I've already extracted 11 teeth on two kids today and its barely lunch time!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha!!! we are going to miss u guys!!! u better keep blogging!!

FOX said...


I wish you luck with all this change, having 3 young children. I fear you will be permanently crazy soon!

Btw... you are the only person I know who records their child's poo for all posterity.

Jenn said...

my last blog was about poop too! hopefully the last! good luck moving!

Linz said...

=D Sounds like a good morning!

Sara said...

I love my package of goodies that arrived today!! Thank you so much! So I guess the Range Rover I was going to send you won't really fit into a duffel bag or moving box, too bad. I'll have to think of something more compact, but still just as cute:) Good luck with everything!

Christina said...

Best of luck with your move. Hope all goes well for you guys.

American Girl in Japan said...

Ah, the movers. I remember that time well. I also remember getting the boxes of "stuff" and having no idea why I thought they would be important to come in our quick TMO. A notebook? A box of pens? Like we don't have those here already? :)
Have a great move, and please let me know if you need anything. I'll be right over here on our side of the ocean :)

The Jonas Family said...

I feel for you with moving. We just went through it. But our movers we suppose to come between 8-10am and they showed up at 3pm!

Sarah Walton said...

Congrats on graduating Doug! So exciting. Good luck with everything these next few months . . . we can't wait to hear about all your adventures in Japan!

Anonymous said...

Emmy - only YOU would sit naked,faintly smelling like poop and none-the-less decide to BLOG!! That's why we love you. You live life!! Keep laughing and smiling.

acte gratuit said...

Well, I wasn't TOTALLY naked...! Sheesh!