Jun 16, 2008

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my Dad, and my Father-in-law!!!  I'm sorry you didn't get a gift, but if it's any consolation, neither did my own husband!

Aside from Egg's Benedict for breakfast, and Chicken Kiev for dinner, this is all Doug got yesterday;

To Doug on Father's Day:  
(It's a poem, people!)

I wanted to hide it,
but I just can’t deny it,

I guess I’ll be clear...
I really dropped the ball this year!

My plan was to make you a marvelous craft
with help from the boys, (instead of taking a nap).

Maybe something with plaster and hand prints and paint,
And enough sparkly glitter to make a man faint!

But my big plans fell through
and with the house being messy too,

I moved on to the next idea...
Maybe something from Ikea?

No, that wont do,
And it’s so far away, too!

Then I considered a gift from Deseret Book,
but forgot the title you wanted and didn’t bother to look.

I really wanted a mousepad, for your new computer
and figured with MY face on it, it couldn’t be cuter!

But with shipping and handling and other delay’s,
it wouldn’t have gotten here for 7 to 10 days.

All of the sudden, epiphany!
I decided “I’ll play him a symphony!”

(On my violin!)

But where to begin?
I haven’t played music
since who-knows-when?

A painting was out, since we know how THAT goes,
It’s more likely you’ll get me to suck on your toes!

But then on came the light,
that would make everything right!

I said to myself, “I’ll write him a poem!
For I can do that
right here at home!

And the best part of all is that he’ll never know
that his REAL gift, was a big ‘No Show’!!!”

So this is the present you’re getting from me.
It didn’t cost anything, so I hope now you’ll see,
a gift that costs cash is always more fun!

And if you are lucky...

maybe next year...

you’ll get one.


Polliwog said...

D didn't get anything from me either. Something about moving, saving $$ for the house, and just not getting around to the store made it a little difficult. Dinner and a cherry pie were it from me. I'm glad I'm in good company! :)

FOX said...

Love it em!!!

I didn't buy brandon anything either other then the mentioned burrito.

great poem!!!

Anonymous said...

Does a blog post count as a gift? It kills two birds with one stone. Mine got the Dockers that came with a free $75 gas coupon. Lucky guy, work clothes and gas for my car.

The Jonas Family said...

nice poem! I couldn't come up with anything like that. this month is all rolled up with my hubby's birthday, father's day, anniversary, and graduation from residency. Plus we moved on top of it all so life was quite busy! we did go on a big family trip (his side of the family) to Hilton Head Island and stayed at a time share on the beach. it was a lot of fun. plus he played golf almost everyday, ok every other day, with a new golf club he picked out for the occasion. not like that mattered to you at all.