Jun 24, 2008

When It Rains It Pours

We want to leave Rhode Island with a bang and the weather is helping us with our goal! (Fortunately, it wasn't an Iowa-scale storm, this one was actually pretty fun.) It was so cool I don't even mind (too much) that it decimated my Rose bushes and about-to-bud Hydrangeas.

(This movie is kinda long, but the song makes it all worth it. And have you ever seen such huge hail?!?)

(Wondering why there's a sled out on the deck in the middle of June? Oh, that would be because the boys use it to "sled" down the hillside which is our back yard. Can you say erosion?)
Now I bring you my schedule for the week:

Today, the first movers came and removed everything going to "non-temp" storage. In other words, they took the stuff we're leaving in the states. All three mover-men were extremely jovial and efficient and didn't mind a little "help" from three grabby little boys. (Let's hope the next movers are as patient.)
Today I also packaged and mailed (with a little help from Doug) a crap-load of cookies and stuffed things. Ahh, the price of blog comments! (It's worth it.)

Oh, and today is also the day of "The Big Storm". (See movie above.)

Tomorrow, the second movers come to remove the "UB" shipment. That would be "unaccompanied baggage," fyi. (And f-my-i.) This is everything we'll need upon arrival, but is limited to bare necessities. (We're sending the new computer.)

Finally, on Thursday, we'll say good-bye to our "HHG's". (Household Goods.)
I didn't realize when Doug joined the A.F. that I'd be forced to familiarize myself with a whole alphabet soup of acronyms! It's like, tw! (totally whack) (...I just made that last part up.)
We will then be left with the clothes on our backs (and in our voluminous suitcases) and our good looks. We are planning to take refuge in the basement of our generous, wheel-chair bound babysitter. (We really were planning to go to a hotel. She insisted! And yes, this is just the beginning of my floor-space mooching. There will be much, much more in the days and weeks ahead!)

Friday is Doug's graduation. ("...and there was much rejoicing! Yaaaay!") I'm hoping my hair wont be orange by then, but let's get real; it probably will be. Doug's dad is coming in to town just for the occasion, (The graduation, not to see my hair-do.) and there will be extensive celebratory eating that night.

Saturday is our last day in Little Rhody!
You've been good to us, Rhode Island!
We'll miss you!!!

Stay tuned to find out where we'll be on SATURDAY NIGHT!!! You'll never guess so don't even try! (No. It's not Japan. Quit guessing. I told you not to guess.)

I'd tell ya right now, but I'm going to bed!



Shelly said...

If you say California- No. If you say ANYWHERE on this side of the country I will try and see you.

That doesn't count as guessing right?

Melissa Abby said...

We have a good air mattress if you guys need it for a few days. It's a queen and we have sheets for it too...let me know. Chad can bring it to Doug.

Mrs. Dub said...

Does this mean you're really moving to Japan? 'Cause I kind of thought you were joking. I mean, who moves to Japan?

Lizzy said...

Oh my heck you have the coolest backyard! I love the deck with the hole the kids crawl though to get to the tramp! That is awesome...O.k. now i'm off to read the rest of the post!

Marni said...

Wait - I live not less than 2 miles from you on the other side of the cove and we just had rain! LOTS of rain! No hail whatsoever! That was definitely a strange storm!

FOX said...

Can't you live somewhere long enough for me to visit.

I mean come on!!! How am I to become cultured!!!

Seriously, I have never been to San Fransisco, and now I Rhode Island!!

acte gratuit said...

Chrissy, four years and two years! PLENTY of time. We'er splitting the difference and only staying three in Japan. You better visit us there, or ELSE!

The Jonas Family said...

I can't believe the weather there! But is HOT here in Arizona! The day we had arrived it had been over 110 degrees for 11 days. Now it is more like 108! We are to get a few down pours this summer. They have a monsoon (sp) season in July and August. Good thing your cookies did not melt. They were yummy! Thanks again! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the yummy cookies. We gobbled them right up. My girls love the bug bag too! You are great!