Jul 16, 2008

YOU do the work for once!

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one (0r twelve) memory(ies) that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

1a) Try not to embarrass me too much. 1b) Try to make me look really awesome.

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog. But only if you want to. I don't want to be bossy. I've left my bossiness behind me. Don't post any memories of me when I was bossing you! I've turned over a new leaf!!! Wait. I mean do whatever you want! OR NOT! I'M NOT TELLING YOU WHAT TO DO!!!

Items expressed in purple are the sole responsibility of "acte gratuit" and were not written by the creator of this Blog Meme. (Whomever he or she may be.) The creator of this Blog Meme does not know "acte gratuit" and takes no responsibility for her editing, additions, and/or commentary.


Mel said...

I was going to post a really cool memory or (ies) but you scared me with all that yelling & bossiness.... maybe I will later when my heart stops pumping so hard............... or wait is that the memory? JK you know I love you & I love how you & I went swinging with Steve-O & our late night runs to Dennys with the gang! Oh, & the time we all went to Big Bear & I got in trouble for every crazy idea that was yours cause I was the oldest & knew better. Oh & Vinaka ROCKS! The memories live on! YOU RULE! MEL:)

FOX said...

You killed my lizard!

FOX said...

CRAP! Now I have to say three nice things!

- You helped me exchange all my wedding gifts and that was so fun.

- You make the best chocolate (no flour) cake concoction on earth! (notice the exclamation point)

- You got me totally addicted to lightening me hair.

Jessi said...

I remember when you were pregnant. And now you're not. And you're thin. You give me hope!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Nov 10 is your day! I have it on my calendar and have cake and milk in your honor--you live to far away to share.

Anonymous said...

Well Em, I have so many memories from our young and stupid days. I honestly can't think of one that is not embarassing for you!
Remeber when we were into swing dancing? There was that time you tried to do that scorpion lift where you do a back flip from the guys shoulder and you did a face plant on the carpet harder than anyone I have ever seen. You were hurting, but then you got up and kept dancing.
You did need several weeks of ciropractic therapy afterward, but it was still impressive.
Love ya,

acte gratuit said...

I love you! (I wonder what ever happened to Steve-O?) Anyway, Have I told you lately that you rock? Well, you do. And so does Vinaka. I want a Chocolate Banana shake and a game of backgammon now!

I have no recollection of any such lizard. But I DO recall Marvin the Martian spoon holders.

Don't worry. You'll nurse off every pound. I have faith!

Sis. Martin, the fact that you celebrate "Emily Appreciation Day" proves that you're the greatest R.S. president EVER!!!

That was all Dan's fault. He totally dropped me (HARD) 'cause he was showing off for one of the Packard girls. (Denise?) Broke my toe and almost my neck! Darn him, he wouldn't ever do lifts with me after that!

Anonymous said...

i remember taking pictures of u when u were preggo. u were sitting in a super cool chair on the beach in the sand. and the chair was sinking. into the sand. that was f.u.n.n.y. don't worry tho, i would have broken that chair!!

acte gratuit said...

Pregnancy brings so many small blows to the self esteem!

Linz said...

I remember coming over to hold your new baby Max in Provo, and then coming to see new baby Sam in SLC (at Wendy's).

I also remember the first time we came over for dinner and we discussed tatoos and the potential for the name "Trad".

I also remember shopping for a toilet snake in RI. Good times...

Anonymous said...

Do you remember our family Bluegrass band when we were performing on stage in the Cultural Hall at the Stake Center? We were all in a line and you looked over at your sister who was playing a solo part and noticed her pants zipper was down. So you vey kindly reached over across Brandon, with your violin bow and pointed it out and tried to tell her in front of a couple of hundred people in the audience. You were so thoughtful.

The Jonas Family said...

WEll, I think I have only met you once. (I am a friend of Doug back in FF) However, I check your blog often. It is fun to read! :) The time I met you, you must have been pregnant with your first, MAX. It was in a mall in Utah. That's it. You seem nice and funny! I wish we lived closer and could be friends. But maybe with your bossiness you would scare me away. JK!! :)

Jenn said...

I have to many fun memories..us making dinner(teriyaki chicken and rice) for your mom, swing dancing (your hair getting stuck in the vaccum)your finger prints on the roof of my car from all your "one headlight spoting" (I remember what they are called- just can't spell it!) You were fun to hang out with and a great friend miss you.

The Valentine Fam said...

Remember when I wore your wedding dress?! Remember when we took our lunch break to go buy you some "maternity" pants at walmart. Remember when I bought your house!?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! I forgot you broke your toe as well. Good on ya!. Well remember that time you punched me in the face and I got a black eye? I know it was an accident.....or was it!?
Tell Angie I said hello and I miss her, and you too.

Jenn said...

Wait- there's more. Remember when you dyed my hair pink? Remember when you went with me to get my ears pierced because I was chicken and then we took my mom later.... good times!

anniebugs said...

I remember coming home when we lived together on 9th East. All I have to say is Adam and your little pink frog shorts. :)

Anonymous said...

The most perfect and beautiful baby in the world! Smelling like heaven. An answer to prayer. A blessing to our family. Cute and funny and talented. Very loving and sympathetic and sweet. Fun as she grew up. Always clever and witty. Never disowned her mom. Awesome daughter!
Always FUN and interesting and informative to be with. Super Smart! Lots of Love, Mom