Jul 24, 2008

Let's Kick It Up A Notch!

Today is a special day. It's Bam's birthday. That's Bammy/Sammy/Sammers/Bammers/Sammy-boy to you.
Bammy likes cake. And he likes parties, and birthdays, and party hats, and pwesents, and cake, and parties, and cake, and cake. His favorite color is "all da cuh-lows" and "gween" and "oh-ang". His favorite food is "cah-kwit". And, though he's too diplomatic to admit it, his favorite human is Mommy.
And he's four today. And we had a little party. Just a little one, because Daddy isn't here. But the neighbor kids came, and cupcakes were eaten, and presents were opened. And Sammy was happy. (But I'm not sure how Jesus felt about everything. I'm going to assume he's happy too.)

Only a few of the many things I love about Sammy:
His looooooong--sometimes juicy--always serious--kisses.
How much he loves babies and how he tries to shush them when they cry.
His cute voice.
When he's throwing a tantrum and wails "But Mom! I can't take it anymow!" and/or "But I can't calm down!"
That he can play happily by himself for hours.
How he dances.
When he sings to himself.
How when he's plays he and gives his toys different voices.
That he loves to read.
His beautiful smile
and big brown eyes!

I sure love you, Sammy-boy!!!

(Bi-polar split-personality and all!)



Linz said...

Happy birthday Bammy!!!!! He is such a cutie!!

Melissa Abby said...

Happy Birthday Sam! We miss you!

Mrs. Dub said...

Did I think about Sam all day yesterday - and only of Pioneer Day once? Yes.

Did I call to wish him a happy birthday? No.

However, it should come as some consolation that we usually forget to call everyone we know on their birthdays. So it's nothing personal.

Love you Sammy!

Mel said...

Happy Birthday Sammy! Hope your day is fun!

Brandoneous said...

Happy B-Day Sam! You are awesome. Tell your mom that if she ever needs to eat out on Sunday to just say a prayer and "End the Sabbath Day early". Not sure what the exact religious implications of this rite are, but it seems to work somehow. Love you guys! We'll see you in Japan! (Yes that WAS a gauntlet thrown down to all the rest of you readers - we're going, you?)

FOX said...

Happy B-day Sammy! You da' man! or maybe you da' bam.

Em! I know your in chaos but you have to look at my blog today! I have some old friend funnies up to and I want you to see my hair!!!


Bartimaeus said...

Happy B-day bud

Adriane said...

NO NO NO HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE. I knew it was his birthday because people were giving Pioneer Day talks, but oh man. Oh man. So old. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM only, y'know, I'm kind of late.

Shelly said...

Tell Sammy I miss him and I can't believe how big he is.

Email me an address I can send Doug's like year old birthday present with Sammy's acceptably belated gift to?

Love you.