Jul 18, 2008

Life and Times in Niceville

So what's it like being a sister-wife with a cumulative total of 6 kids? It's pretty awesome. And pretty tiring.

In case you're confused, right now I'm in Florida staying with my friend Ang while Doug is in Alabama. Ang has three kids, I have three kids. In case you're not following the math, that's six kids. One 6.5 year old, one 4.5 year old, one almost 4 year old, one almost 3 year old, one 1 year old, and one 6 week old. And for the man of the house, that's one wife, and one wife's step-twin/sister-wife. (What, you didn't know Ang and I are step-twins? We are.) Poor Joe.

So what have we been doing? Besides crowd control, Ang and I have been talking incessantly. (I don't think there has ever been a time we've run out of things to talk about.) At least when we can hear each other over the constant din. And then there's swimming, (usually in the late afternoon right before dinner) Free Movie day, Story Time at the library, the splash park...Ang keeps busy and we're happy to tag along.

The boys are surviving their father's absence but it's making Max a lot more sneaky and Sam a lot more whiny. And unfortunately, Gabe has an ear infection, so that's not helping matters. (See, Gabe sucked on Adia's bulb syringe and now has her ear and eye infections!) It makes me very grateful I'm not a single mom and that USUALLY, the boys get to see (and wrestle) their Daddy every day. Fortunately, Joe is exerting some manly influence over them in the evenings so they're not turning into mini-me's. (With all that implies)

The good news is, this weekend we're headed up to Maxwell AFB for a visit! It's about a 3 hour drive. We're going to hang out Saturday and Sunday on the base with Doug! His "flight" (aka group of 15) earned permission to leave their complex, (like a dormitory, I think) but not permission to leave the base. So we'll probably bowl on base, do a little shopping on base, play at a playground on base, and then we'll leave and go to a hotel off-base--without Doug--for the night.

On Sunday, he's allowed to leave base for church, so we'll go with him, then probably head back down here Sunday afternoon.
This is why we're staying here. So we can see Doug any chance we get. Which is obviously not very much. We can't even spend all day Saturday with him because he has a lot of studying to do that morning for an upcoming test. They have lot's of tests.

BUT, we're all surviving. And we're half way through. (YAY!) And then maybe someday, we'll get our passports and make it to Japan! But in the mean time, Ang and I have to discuss hair high lights. And children's nutrition. And boys.

Just like old times.


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Linz said...

Yea! I'm so glad you get to see Doug! And that you are surviving!

Anonymous said...

We are pleased that you are close to Doug and having a fun time with Angie and all the kids. We like being kept up to date on your travels and hope you'll keep us and everyone updated on you activities and travels.
Love, Dad

Kylie said...

How fun that you get to hang out with Ang! Please tell her hello for me! And glad you get to go visit Doug. Good luck with everything!

FOX said...

I can watch six without even blinking!!!! Let me know when you have over 10!


Have fun with Doug!