Jul 29, 2008

Dear NieNie...

Dear NieNie,

I just thought you should know that YOU are my new nemesis. Yes, you. The last time I had a nemesis, I was in San Francisco. Her name was (is) Christine and she lived one floor down. Everyday when I walked down the stairs, I could see the corner of her kitchen table through the window: And everyday, it looked just like a Pottery Barn spread. Place mats, beautiful dishes and silverware, and fresh flowers. Fresh flowers EVERY DAY!!! And despite the fact that she also had a child, she had a house plant on the floor and candles adorning the window ledge. (Two things Max would NEVER have left unmolested as a toddler.)

But now, NieNie, you have taken her place as my nemesis. Someone I've never even met. Someone I know only through the blogosphere. I know it's not fair to you, but I can't help it. It's just how I feel!

Maybe it's the fact that you have an extremely popular blog with a cute layout and a covetously cute vintage-looking wardrobe. Maybe it's how your children always look so...calm and well behaved in your pictures! Or maybe it was the art project you recently did with your kids.

(I mean, I've known how to use potatoes and apples as stamps for YEARS. I have the skills needed for that project! But do I want let my kids near that much open acrylic paint? Not in this lifetime!)

I know for SURE that it's partly because you refer to your husband as "Mr Nielson" and mostly because you've seen my cousin (MY COUSIN) more recently than I have!!! And now she's going to Arizona in a few months and NOT Japan and you'll get to see her again!


THAT is why you're my nemesis.



P.S. Wendy: You're also my nemesis, unless you make immediate plans to do a "session" in Japan.

Boy, it feels good to get that off my chest!


FOX said...

Emily you are so funny? Do you really only know this person from a blog?

You are a most excellent home decorator too you know!!!

So do you think my post today is to vulgar or risque? I wasn't sure how to describe a nice foot to the crotch! And this post was after Brandon putting his jelly-belly out there for the world. I want Brandon to join COT and get some exercise with your hubby!!!

Is offending people with your (my) blog a good thing or bad?

Man I wish I could see you before you go to Japan! And when is Hawaii? I think Yuko wants to take us to Japan next October or the following April. I told her I rather go in April because it seemed more in the middle of your stay.

Take care and don't maim any of Ang's kids. And where is Leslie?

Kristen said...

I'm with you. I love NieNie's blog - but it does make me feel bad (inferior/inadequate)sometimes. Then again, so does yours.
And almost every other blog I have on my google reader.
Oh well.

Mrs. Dub said...

I know many people who share the love/hate relationship you do with NieNie. Though I do know people who know her personally - and I have met her husband before - so I can confirm that she is a regular gal like you, except that she is willing to clean up the acrylic paint spills that inevitably happened off camera.

But if you want me to hate her with you, I will. Also, I will try to go to Japan before I go to Arizona again, but I make no promises.

Val said...

Your so funny. I haven't seen her blog but I had to go now. I can see where your coming from.
Isn't that the life....

FOX said...

Thanks Em for your Stud Muffin comment. Ya know, it is not that I am chasing after you for comments, I just like to push the limits on what I say and you are like my referee of when I cross the line!!!!! :)

love ya!!!

Beeswax said...

You know, I just read her blog for the first time yesterday. I was sort of annoyed with her for her beautiful family pictures. Now I see that same annoyingly great picture over here. It is EVERYWHERE! (Everywhere= 2 places, obviously).

Maybe YOU are MY nemesis?

Beeswax said...

Oh, thanks for putting me on the list. You are SO not my nemesis!

sara said...

You took the words right out of my mouth. And, you cousin takes wonderful pictures! You're a very entertaining blogger my dear :)

(Here's how I clicked on to you: I was BYU roomies and 7th grade BFF's with Ginny of Vespa fame)