Feb 15, 2011

Sapporo Report

Listen, I could go on and on about our trip to Hokkaido (next island up) for the Sapporo Snow Festival.  But you don't have time for that.  Instead I'll just give you the high(and low)lights:

1.  We saw some really cool, really large snow and ice sculptures:

2.  There was a blizzard:
Baby Gray was NOT a fan
3.  Gabe got lost for 20 minutes shortly after striking this model pose in the snow:
Lost child ALMOST causes international incident
(Doug found him with a policeman across the street.  I was busy trying to get a Swedish ambassador to translate for me.  It wasn't my favorite moment.)

4.  I bought myself a Valentine:
(I don't have a picture so just imagine red, knee-high fuzzy socks with white hearts, made out of the same ultra soft material as the following:)

5.  I bought Doug a Valentine:
(Just kidding.  I bought the socks, but not the ultra soft and fuzzy short spats.)

6.  There were absolutely no snow globes to be found in the whole city.

7.  There WAS, however, a PEACOCK!


Linz said...

Those are such cool ice/snow sculptures!!!! How fun! Sorry Gabe got lost...

mama bear said...

Amazing! and cold. glad you got Gabe back.

Anonymous said...

I love those amazing Sapporo pictures. My brother lived there for 7 years and I am always at awe... but not enough to live there...I have turned into cold weather wimp... I hope you had a fabulous time!


Shad said...

yes I should have been reading your blog! :) Fun trip. So excited for your news about California!

Tanya D said...

I love this whole post, from the lost child to the fuzzy pants(?) to buying a valentine for yourself. Ha, ha, ha :)