Feb 18, 2011

Gray = Sunshine

Dear Baby Gray,
Today you are approximately 10 months and 13 days old.  Time flies in a house full of boys, eh?  Since Big brother Gabe has been gone this morning (getting evaluated over at the school) I've had a lot of time to spend with you alone.

First, we had breakfast.  Daddy left us yummy oatmeal with blended up dates and strawberries and apple chunks on top.  You polished off your bowl full and then demanded more from my bowl (using the "all done" sign when you really meant "NOT ALL DONE!")

After that, you crawled around a little while I cleaned up.  Your favorite thing to do is crawl past or over any sort of baby/kid toy and head straight for the nearest off-limits area.  The open dishwasher (love to play with those knives) the open pantry (love to pull those large cans down onto your toes) the unsecured desk/computer area (Yes! to eating cords)
Without fail, whilst you go adventuring around the house, you'll find something to chew on.  Not your binky--that will never do.  It must be something forbidden:  a silver gum wrapper, a glittery bouncy ball, a misplaced die from a game.  Any sort of paper or trash will do in a pinch, but you also gravitate to anything small and hard that would be considered a choking hazard by your mother.
After your adventuring (and after I removed a gum wrapper, a glitter bouncy ball and a die from your mouth) you sat on my lap for some one-on-one time.

We played peek-a-boo, and pat-a-cake and worked on our signing ("more" and "all done").  We practiced saying Mamamamama (which came out sounding suspiciously like Dadadadadada) we gave kisses (I know you weren't trying to make me cry when you bit my cheek really really hard with your razor sharp teeth...seventeen times.) and cuddled and cooed and laughed.

Then you started getting restless and fussy and let me know in no uncertain terms that you'd like to eat and then sleep.  Immediately and in that order.  So I nursed you, and cuddled you, and tucked you into your crib under Grandma Fae's blankie.  (Of course you immediately stood up, cried and reached for me, but we both know you didn't mean it.)
Now you're asleep, snoring into the baby monitor, and I'm left with a quite, seemingly kid-less (but messy) house.  A house that wouldn't be the same without you, Baby Gray!  So happy to have you!

Lot's of Love,


mama bear said...

Ummm, is your baby boy wearing a dress?!? Thanks for the laughs this morning, and I hope your cheek isn't damaged permanently!

EVIE said...

that is really cute and funny

Nathan said...

i think you just described Wyatt's morning exactly, even down to the "love" bites. lol. so similar in naughtiness

Emily said...

um that last post was really from Emily not nathan