Feb 27, 2011

Dear Blogland; What Day Is It Again?

Well, it's been a very very long week.  Sorry to leave everyone hanging.  (It was only sort of intentional!)  The good news (for me) is that the end is in sight and Doug is on his way home!*

The OTHER good news for Doug (and all of us) is that there are a few great job prospects in California.  It looks like we WONT have to move into a cardboard box on the beach after all.  (That was my Plan B.)

It's going to be a few more weeks, though, until any decisions are made.  Sorry I can't be more specific.  (Trust me, I really wish I could.)

In other news, if you can't get ahold of me this coming week, it's because I'll be in self-imposed isolation at the local Funny Farm.  I'm hoping to get a few naps in and go at least one whole hour without having to put anyone in "time out".  Hopefully the other inmates aren't as violent and naughty as my children!  (Wish me luck.)

And now I'm off to bed.


Emily Driven-Crazy-By-Her-Children Dub

*After having him gone for less than one week, I (once again) have an even greater appreciation and respect for my friends with deployed husbands.  How they manage their lives so well as single parents is beyond me!


Linz said...

I am glad that he's on his way home! And I'm glad that you have a few prospects! Good luck!

marissa said...

Horray for potential jobs in CA!