Feb 23, 2011

Dear Douglas Diary

Day 1 (Tuesday)

Dear Douglas,
1300 - Welp, you're really gone!  Today after dropping you off at the base airport, I drove home and I put Gsquared down for naps.  Rose came over to give me my piano lesson during which the phone rang approximately 12 times.  Sorry if 11 of those were you, bored, in the terminal.

After piano, I took the phone off the hook and collapsed on the couch for 50 minutes of sheer nap-time bliss.  Ah, naps; How do I love thee?!

1445 - Thing 1 and Thing 2 came home from school.  Of course their loud arrival woke Things 3 and 4 (respectively) and we started "My Day - Phase 2" together.  Somehow 3 convinced 1 (who was in an extremely good mood! ???) to play outside with him while I fed Baby (4) a banana.  And then an applesauce cup.  And then nursed him.  And then tried in vain to top him off with Cheerios.  The child is turning into a bottomless pit.  (I have serious concerns about our future grocery consumption!)
Of course; Little 2 disappeared to Chipmunks house the first time my back was turned and didn't come home until summoned at 1645.

1700 - Dinner was (boring) bean burritos followed by dessert:  half a chapter of Percy Jackson (hard to read with the two little ones rampaging) out loud for Thing 1 and 2.  Then I helped 'em with piano,
and then homework,
and then...FINALLY!...

Janelle arrived.
Bless her little red-headed heart!

I carpooled to the R.S. meeting with Roxy and Stacy -- where I went directly to the nursery, not passing go and not collecting $200.  I've heard from several sources though, that the meeting upstairs was very helpful, interesting, and informative!

Here's to more Internet security and less p0r^, eh!?!
At least I got a piece of pie.  (Not "the pie."  Just pie.)

(BTW, the adorable little girls were in nursery and they were adorable.  Also, like 78 other kids and 20 babies.  Or maybe just two.  It's kind of a blur.)

Of course, when I got home, I sat in the car talking to R for an extra hour so lucky Janelle got paid more.

But the house was spotless when I walked in so she was (is) worth every.single.penny.  (And I paid her lots of 'em.)

By the time she left it was 2230 (that's 10:30 p.m. for you math inept civilians) and I should have gone straight to bed.

Buuuuut...You weren't up there pre-warming the bed!

What woulda been the point?
(Turns out: sleep.)

Instead, I went to the living room, watched two episodes of Community, read a million blog posts, and finally dragged my sorry self to bed at 2.

I fell asleep in the painfully cold bed wondering where in the sky you were and feeling guilty at my lack of meaningful scripture study. (I managed about 3 verses before the words blurred and my prayer may or may not have ended mid-sentence without a proper "Amen." Sigh.)

Anyway, that was my day.  Yes, I know you neither want nor need the long version, but you know me:  I'm a talker!

I miss you already!

And not just your tag-team child rearing assistance and warm-body-ness.
(Just for the record.)

More tomorrow...

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